Everybeauty Boutique Indie Polish “She likes to party” Swatch <3


Here we have another Indie swatch :)


Everybeauty-Boutique is one of the shops that I found on Etsy and she was having a sale (still going on) “buy a full, get a mini free”, so I just had to give this shop a try.. the shop isn’t well known but the feedback was good, so I gave in and purchased (the sale really helped). I go crazy with BOGO…lol

“She likes to party” is the polish that caught my eye and made me go into this shop. Since I have so many pink polishes I thought this would be such a pretty top coat for them. As of now I’m really into glitter top coats and I haven’t worn a plan polish in awhile.

Here we have “She likes to party” :






Description: “She likes to party” is a clear based top coat with pink bar and tiny hex glitter, silver holographic bar and hex glitter, blue bar glitter and purple bar and tiny hex glitter. Its an amazing top coat, I really wanted to wear this polish alone but to get full coverage it took like 6 coats and was crazy thick (I’m really upset at myself for wasting so much polish!!). So I had to settle for it just being an awesome top coat.

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent!

Color (1-5): 5

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent

Coats: 3 coats OPI “Kiss me on the tulips” as underwear and 2 coats of “She likes to party”

Base coat/ Top coat: I used a clear base coat, OPI “Kiss me on the tulips” and no top coat

Stains: No staining

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): Fast!

Clean-up (easy, messy, hard): Messy (to get glitter off of my cuticles was a little difficult, but that is will all glitters)

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Normal

Price: $8.00 for a 15 ml bottle

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Where to purchase:

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– Megan ❤

5 Responses to “Everybeauty Boutique Indie Polish “She likes to party” Swatch <3”
  1. everysensory says:

    Nice! And now I have that song in my head… gah. 😀

      • everysensory says:

        Probably called she likes to party! 😀 I’m no good with names. ‘She wants to party, she wants to get down, all she wants to do is dance (and make romance), can’t feel the heat, coming off the street…” ok, its probably a mid 80’s song and you’re forgiven for giving me an inadvertant earworm 😀

  2. looks fun! thanks for sharing this shop!

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