My nail art attempts… Help Me!

So these are my attempts at nail art.

I haven’t really tried to do nail art because every time I  try to do something cool, it would just end up looking like shit. So after doing the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection by OPI, I wanted to do a Daisy Duck themed nail art because Daisy is my favorite Disney character …lol I can relate to her attitude more than Minnie Mouse…hahahaha

Ok so I started with a white base and then I did sponging with different purples and then a did some stamping (with a shitty plate) added some loose glitter and painted a bow (Bows will be the death of me! I just can’t do it)



next day: stamping and sponging




Day after that: stamping and sponging




Please help me!

Which is the BEST stamping plate and polishes?

Where can I find good brushes?

Where can I find solvent resistant loose shaped glitter?

How can I do amazing nail art? (links, videos, tips)


Can you do a bow!?!?!?!? AAAHHHHHH


-Megan ❤

22 Responses to “My nail art attempts… Help Me!”
  1. Chandra says:

    I’ve only used the plates from the Salon Express kits but I know people love Konad and Bundle Monster plates. is a good place to find solvent resistant glitter. You can find brushes at Sally’s Beauty and probably any beauty supply store. The way to do amazing nail art is just to practice practice practice and check out cutepolish on youtube. She has some great tutorials and designs. There are lots of other tutorials from others there too! Bows are hard for me too. they take forever for me to do them. You can find stamping plates with bows on them though! Good luck, just keep on painting!

    • megis217 says:

      Thanks Chandra! I have the plates from salon express and I dont like it at all! only two worked (the heart and the butterflies) the others never come out right!

      I found hello kitty bows on a stamping plate on ebay! I’m just scared to buy plates and they end up being no good..

      I bought like 50 bucks worth of glitter for art.. like glitter mixes that said they were for nail art they the big glitter curled and some bled .. ugh! I hate spending money on crap! thats why i

      tkb doesnt have shapes 😦

  2. aeronluna says:

    I use regular paint brushes for my nail art. You need to look for tiny detail brushes. Like a 18/0 spotter Brush. Tiny Spotter brushes work the best for most nail art, you also need liner brushes for striping.

    • megis217 says:

      to paint with nail polish is sooo freaking hard!!!!! I was looking on ebay and i found a set of 15 for 4 bucks from china but i wonder if they are any good..

      I’ve tried using my old make up brushes but its so hard to work with nail polish!…lol

  3. Brushes are an easy fix: for my brushes I buy cheap brushes from any art store ( don’t spend too much money on them) I make sure they are skinny but have long bristles. Then I cut them to make them thinner. I’m going to be doing a tutorial on my blog or you can you tube search how to cut nail art brushes. Hope this helps!

  4. everysensory says:

    you are too hard on yourself, these are cute! A lot of people do nail art with acrylic paint and little brushes you can get from any art supply shop, that could be fun to try. Simply Rins does some amazing stuff… (blog). Your bow was the perfect shape, I just think it may need some radiating lines as detail from the centre out, and outline the centre, and it should do it 🙂

    • megis217 says:

      oh ami…no!

      I’ve heard of the acrylic paint but ugh more money to spend!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      i want to do cool disney themed art.. but it doesnt happen!

      lol not all of us can be awesome like you!! oh crafty mama!

      • everysensory says:

        buy the cheap stuff? 😀 Or maybe just teeny little cheap art brushes and use the polishes you have? Give it time, it’s just practice, and they do look cute already 😀

  5. I’m no good at fancy nail art! I see promise in you, though.

  6. lilvovo says:

    I agree with checking out cutepolish also look for iHaveACupcake, some are harder but I bet she practices a lot. Any ways, I like Red Angel plates- on amazon. Cheeky plates are getting good feed back also on amazon. And you’re nail art is super cute btw, very arty which can be hard to achieve for some. I think it’s better to look that way then to make it look like it might be a sticker. I use acrylic because if I really mess up I can wash it with water and not take my base coat off, also it I do a very layered design I can topcoat in between layers so that I don’t have to completely start over again. OH check out robinmosesnailart on YT she is the bomb, some hard stuff but a great teacher.

  7. Jess says:

    I’m too afraid of nail art coming out badly and wasting my time, but Fab Fatale raves about the Konad stampers, and she’s pretty legit!

    • megis217 says:

      hehe thats why i didnt even want to try.. its does take FOREVER! and they ideas i have in my head i cant make it seem to come out on the nail.. I have seen that konad is good but its so expensive. 😦

  8. bridgetts says:

    Those look WAY better than I could do! I just got my daughter this nail art brush set at She’s only used one of them so far, but said it worked well. Even if you don’t love them, the whole set only costs $4.50. (shipping is usually $2.95 for any order)

  9. lcat20 says:

    Those look awesome!!! I wish I had the patience for that.

  10. glamdox says:

    I think those look great! I love the color and designs you did. As far as the plates go, I’ve only used Konad but I like them alot. It takes a little practice but overall you can get some good results. I generally use the Konad special polish with it, but others work too. If you go with Konad special polish, I’d say start with white and black. I have a few other colors that are nice, but their silver polish, for example, barely shows up on me at all. And never use the special polish for painting your nails, because it will never dry. I got my Konad stuff from (because they usually have coupon codes) and amazon sells Konad as well I think. To start you really only need one plate, the stamper and the scraper and either a special polish or one of your own. I’ve also done nail art with toothpicks, there’s a mermaid nails tutorial on my site, and a zebra stripes one as well. I’m trying to find some good brushes myself, I’ll let you know if I find any nice ones. Pinterest has tons of nail art pictures too that will give you ideas. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 🙂

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