OPI:” If you moust you moust” ( Minnie Mouse collection)

OPI : “IF YOU MOUST YOU MOUST” swatch review

Really OPI this is the best you can do for Minnie? Walt Disney would be offended.
The whole collection in my opinion is ridiculous where is the white and black? Are we not expected to try to do some interesting nail art? It’s Minnie for crying out loud known for her big BLACK ears and her red and WHITE polka dot skirt.
I have no idea why this pink is even part of the collection. Why because she’s a FEMALE mouse? Kinda sexist don’t you think?
The top coat for the collection is cute too bad it was already out as part of the kardashian kolor collection how can they give Minnie a dupe from that no talent reality tv celebrity line ugh I’m just so offended on Minnie’s behalf

Anyways sorry for my little diva moment but if you waited just as long as Megan and myself did this was just -___- !







Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Fair because I love OPI

Color (1-5): 2
I don’t know why I feel bad giving this color a 2 but honestly this color made me wanna barf it reminded me so much of peptol bismol that everytime I looked down at my hand I could almost taste it in my mouth yuck. It’s the same exact pink as peptol bismol. I should’ve taken a pic to compare at work needless to say that 2 I gave it is me being generous.

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent . Luckily OPI rarely disappoints on their formula

Coats: two coats were used

Base coat/ Top coat: no top coat for photos

Stains: none

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): FAST

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Normal

Price: Average price of 8.00USD

Would I recommend to a friend: Not really this pink was not what I expected.If the pink were a little softer maybe.

Where to purchase:
Don’t bother, save your money!


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5 Responses to “OPI:” If you moust you moust” ( Minnie Mouse collection)”
  1. this is so cute! I love it!

  2. normandlou says:

    Too bad. I wasn’t motivated to buy any from this collection!

  3. hazyday says:

    I didn’t get any of the polishes in this collection. The colors did not scream Minnie Mouse to me AT ALL. Pink hearts glitter? They should have done big opaque white glitter dots and a red polish, or something more Minnie.

  4. Adinah says:

    This review is so honest and I too, am a fan of creativity when it comes to polish.

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