Enchanted Polish “Starbright Sparkles” Swatch <3


I’m on my lunch break! So I wanted to post while I still had some time.

HAPPY LAST DAY OF JUNE! OMG this year is going by so fast! It feels like just yesterday was January, and I can’t believe that its already Saturday, I swear it was just Monday. I have been working none stop this week and I am so tired, why do we have to work for a Yesterday I didn’t even have time to get on FB and my Instagram is working. I really have no idea how some other bloggers do it, work 40 hours a week and still have time to be on facebook and blogging all the time! Its like they don’t sleep! That’s another thing that has me drained, I’m not sleeping well and I’m just so tired, I’m even having a hard time even now thinking of what to write about.


I think that this polish maybe my favorite so far! Its so whimsical and magical, Chelsea (the creator) has a gift for creating something completely different from what is out there.













Description: “Starbright Sparkles” is the polish that brought me to wanting to purchase Enchanted Polish, I have never seen anything like it before and I just  had to have it. I have never spent so much money on polish before starting this blog, and I’m not sure its a good But come on look at it!  I’m really not into wearing silver nail polish, I don’t own any, but this looked so magical and beautiful. Its a translucent silver holographic polish with multi-colored glitter.

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent!

Color (1-5): 5

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent

Coats: 3 coats

Base coat/ Top coat: I didn’t use a base coat this time and I did use a top coat.

Stains: It didn’t stain my skin or my nails.

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): Fast!

Clean-up (easy, messy, hard): No need

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Yes

Price: $15.00 USD for a 15 mL bottle

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Where to purchase:

– Megan ❤

11 Responses to “Enchanted Polish “Starbright Sparkles” Swatch <3”
  1. definitely a bit expensive, but very very pretty!!

  2. everysensory says:

    Love it! So pretty, and looks so good on you. Hope you get some good sleep soon, it makes all the difference between being able to cope well or not.

  3. everysensory says:

    I keep coming back and staring at this polish. DANGER! DANGER! Ohhh nooo. 😀

  4. princesskawaii says:

    ooo….sparkly 0_0

  5. tribalfaerie says:

    So SO pretty!

  6. lipstickhero says:

    OOooo love rainbow colored sparkles! Lovely!

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