Neons + tape + black = my Return to the blog after oh so long

Hey ladies (and several gents),

Well I wanted to start this post with a congrats to the Miami HEAT for winning the championship this year 🙂 I actually watched the last few games and it was thrilling to watch my city win!
Even though we must say goodbye to the lebron “no ring” jokes 😦 they were funny lol!!

Summer A just ended which means I’m a month away from my PCAT. This is the reason why I may not be able to write as often but I do have several swatches saved for me to post whenever I have a chance. With that note I usually always add my swatches and such on instagram very frequently. So follow me [ gisely2188 ] and of course I shall follow back and you can see my nails there first!

Now onto the real reason your following this blog! My nails!
Unfortunately I don’t have step by step of how to do this however I can tell you what I used if u wish to do the same and give u a few tips I’ve learned along the way 🙂
I used:
-China glaze: “Flirty Tankini”
-Nail art tape
-La colors: black with shimmer
-OPI top coat



(I’m learning to use a new app to write on the pics if it isn’t perfect I’m sorry ::cough:: Megan ::cough::)

I wanted to make it a little more elaborate and add another color but in order to place the tape onto the nail you need the polish to be 100% dry please don’t make this mistake because once u put the black or another color on top it makes the bottom coat moist again and if it wasn’t dry to begin with you will end up removing it with the tape… Yea it’s happened to me it’s pretty depressing because as much as tape makes nail art easier, it does take quite a while to get it just perfect onto the nail to get the results you want.

Another tip when working with several colors and tape. Don’t be afraid of getting a little messy. Luckily nail polish is not permanent so any mess you get outside can be cleaned up! I recently had to learn this otherwise these would’ve taken to long and spending to much time applying the polish over the tape may cause the tape to slip and then u get the color u didn’t want places where you didnt want it.. Also happened to me like 2-3 times

Alrighty in off to continue reading my Kaplan prep book :-/
Hope to see you guys on instagram ❤


2 Responses to “Neons + tape + black = my Return to the blog after oh so long”
  1. Looks amazing! Love this!

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