If you aren’t a Julep Maven yet..this is why you should join!! Free (extra) Polish in July!

*Hey Mavens, rumor on the street this month is that a free color will be included in each style profile. Well it’s not just a free color, it’s America The Beautiful or O Canada! Depending on your shipping address, you will be receiving either of these gorgeous glitters in your July box (so don’t skip!).*

I FINALLY have internet!! YAY!

Tomorrow I will (hopefully) have a swatch post for you guys! My wordpress app wouldn’t upload my photos last night and that’s why I posted with no pictures..ugh

So OMG! I just saw this from Julep!!!!! This month (July:My Birthday Month) Julep is giving every Maven either “America” or “O’Canada” for free in your JULY MAVEN BOX!! How awesome!!! I really want O’Canada so I think I’m going to add it on for $4.99. Anywho if you aren’t a Maven yet maybe you should consider it.

You can still try out The Julep Maven program for only a penny!

Click on the link and take the quiz, add your box to the cart!

If you don’t like the style profile you can change it before you buy.

Add the code julepvip
Make sure to put free shipping and change your state and there you go first months box for a penny!

you have the options to skip as many months (which is awesome) as you want or you can cancel

BUT to get the free America or O’Canada polish you need to make sure you don’t skip JULY. The 1 cent box well be an INTRO BOX and then on the 20th of THIS month (JUNE) to the 24th you will have to make sure it doesn’t say SKIP on your account (you will be able to see everything once you join)

So for me (I have the “it girl” box) I will get 3 polishes plus the free America polish for $19.99 with free shipping! How awesome and to add O’Canada it will only be $4.99 more! 5 polishes for $25 bucks is awesome! Regular price is $14.00 for each.

I love JULEP! And I’m sure you will too!!!!!

-Megan ❤

5 Responses to “If you aren’t a Julep Maven yet..this is why you should join!! Free (extra) Polish in July!”
  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    awww I am loving America, the Beautiful!!

  2. normandlou says:

    Sold! I’ve been holding off on joining. Not sure why, but I officially joined today. Thanks for the kick in the butt. Oh CANADA!

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