China glaze: spontaneous

Hey guys so today was my first Friday off of work in ages! So I decided to spend it relaxing at home reading 🙂
So after many chapters of grey I decided I wanted to change my nail color so out of the many colors I got the other day I picked this pretty purple! It’s no secret that I LOVE purple and this purple is very pretty and not too crazy or eccentric! Lmao! Enjoy!
I plan to put a shimmer top coat so I didn’t clean up. So I’m sorry for my paint outside the “lines” I promise when u see this mani again with the shimmer top coat I wanna swatch for u guys you will forgive me! Lol




Description: I like the description amazon has up for china glaze so I’m using it

“China Glaze Nail Lacquer is more than just colors, this professional lacquer with hardeners helps promotes healthy nail growth and is Tolulene and DBP Free!”

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Good

Color (1-5):5[the fact that it’s purple helped]

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): excellent

Coats: I used only two

Base coat/ Top coat: I used Rimmel London base coat and no top coat yet

Stains: no, no actual staining on my nail or skin the paint that got on my skin came right off

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): fast

Removal (fast, normal, slow): idk yet but I expect it to be normal

Price: Avg. price: 4.99USD

Would I recommend to a friend: yea, I mean there’s a lot of purples out there I would recommend this one mostly cuz of the smooth formula

Where to purchase:
…. There’s also lots of wholesale sites where u can get china glaze pretty cheap! 😉


One Response to “China glaze: spontaneous”
  1. what a pretty purple. love it!

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