Julep Mystery box for June! Exclusive limited edition mystery color!

Julep is selling another Mystery box! And this time some LUCKY person is going to get the ENTIRE collection for only $19.99 WOW!

They are also sending out a special Mystery LE color..I’m really wonder what color it could be?!?!

So you only have until June 15,2012 to get yours, or until they sell 2,000 boxes. I already got mine… I didn’t get the Cinco de Mayo Mystery Box, so I made my boyfriend buy me this one as an anniversary present!

to purchase to go and search “Mystery” and there you go!

Oh and if you aren’t a maven he is a good reason why you should be:

If you become a maven first (for a penny) you can get free shipping when you purchase the mystery box! AWESOME!

You can still try out The Julep Maven program for only a penny!

Click on the link and take the quiz, add your box to the cart!

If you don’t like the style profile you can change it before you buy.

Add the code julepvip
Make sure to put free shipping and change your state and there you go first months box for a penny!

you have the options to skip as many months (which is awesome) as you want or you can cancel

I’ve been a member since march 2012 and I already have almost 40 Julep polishes. I have only  had one problem with Julep and it was with this months shipment (One of the polish bottles leaked during shipment, and 3 other polishes came half full) but the WONDERFUL ladies in CUSTOMER SERVICE were  so awesome! I sent them an email with pictures and what was wrong the day I received them in the mail and they emailed me the next day telling me they were sending me replacements! I got the replacements within a WEEK! AMAZING  I am a Julep CUSTOMER for life!!!


4 Responses to “Julep Mystery box for June! Exclusive limited edition mystery color!”
  1. Because of this blog….i have had enough NERVE to try yellow ail polish!! For the record..i love it and its fabo on my nails with my outfit!!

    Muah! I will post in a few and dedicate it to you!

  2. meggeth12 says:

    Gutted it’s not in the UK

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