butter LONDON “the black Knight” swatch <3


I am very sad to inform you that this is my LAST butter LONDON swatch from my collection!! ): Here we have “The black knight” that I purchased from Nordstrom.

(sorry for the messy swatch, this was swatch number 13 in a 2 hour span. My skin and nails were BEGGING me to stop! don’t worry my new posts and pictures wont (hopefully) look like these, now I understand why other (better) bloggers paint inside the nail and leave space between the cuticle and the nail bed. )








Description: “The black knight” is a 3 free nail lacquer by butter LONDON. The high price of beauty? We don’t this so. butter LONDON is a 3 free company. No Formaldehyde. No Toluene. No DBP. Colour, not Carcinogens. I love that butter LONDON is 3 free and I really don’t mind paying the extra money.

“The black knight” is a translucent black base polish with blue, pink and some yellow glitter. I was really excited to get this polish! I love glitters! “The black knight” looks AMAZING in the bottle but it loses it’s flare when on the nail. Don’t get me wrong its still a pretty polish, but I was expecting so much more from it 😦 oh well. Clean up was also kind of messy, the glitter wouldn’t come off my skin (you can see it in the pictures).

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Good

Color (1-5): 4

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Good

Coats: I used 2 coats of  “Branwens feather” and 2 coats of  “The black knight”.

Base coat/ Top coat: I didn’t use a base coat this time,  but I did use a top coat to smooth it out and to add shine.

Stains: It didn’t stain my skin or my nails.

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): Normal

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Normal (It is a glitter polish)

Price: $14.00 USD

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Where to purchase:


butter LONDON


4 Responses to “butter LONDON “the black Knight” swatch <3”
  1. judit1661 says:

    I’m sorry but the mother in me has to say, you should always paint your nails with the cuticle free of any polish and a small line around the edges. You will smother your nails by painting the cuticles. There’s a great videoin you tube by Mary @ALoveTart and she shows you how to do this. It’s easy, easier than having to do any clean up. Then you can paint your nails a hundred times a day and they won’t be damaged. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself after seeing all your swatches and your cuticles were getting redder and redder. I hope this helps.
    Xoxo– Judi

    • megis217 says:

      I know!! thank you for the information, I have been goolging and reading how to do that, before i never understood why others didnt paint all the way to the edge and now i do! freaking cuticles!

  2. safclyndz says:

    Love this colour! I’ve wanted some butter LONDON polishes for ages, after seeing your swatches I want some even more, but I’ve tried to put myself on a buying ban for a couple of months!

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