China glaze “light as air”

Hello ladies,
I’m here to save u from the butter of London bomb Megan has dropped!
I’m back with a color I just grabbed from Megan’s collection, since I’m at her house helping her write some papers lol. Anyways this is a beautiful lilac from china glaze i don’t know if the pictures do it any justice but it’s super cute and I’m I’m love with anything purple! So here’s my review 😉



Description: Light as air is a lilac color from china glaze, it’s part of their up & away collection

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent

Color (1-5): 5, because I’m a sucker for purple! Especially lilac!!

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Good, I didn’t need any skill to apply it also it was smooth and the color covered the nail after one coat pretty well

Coats: 2 coats were used just to even out any streaks

Base coat/ Top coat: I used a base coat because I’m trying very hard to protect my nails since I paint them frequently but no top coat was used

Stains: No stains at all 🙂

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): Fast!!

Clean-up (easy, messy, hard): I don’t know because I’m still using it but I predict clean up will be easy

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Normal (again, predicting)

Price: 4.99-7.00USD

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Where to purchase:

Sally beauty supply


3 Responses to “China glaze “light as air””
  1. budziak says:

    I stared at your photo for a while. At first it registered as a grey but there was something about it and then it hit me, the hint of purple! Very cute!

  2. Love this colour 🙂 x

  3. I have this colour – I love it, it’s so pretty 🙂

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