butter LONDON “blowing raspberries” swatch <3

Good Morning all!


It’s about to pour here in Miami! And I love it! It’s so relaxing and peaceful when it rains. I have a wood roof and the rain makes so much noise on it but I love the way it sounds. I just want to go back to sleep 😦

I am so happy to share with you one of my favorite butter LONDON polishes: “Blowing raspberries”!! I purchased this baby from Macy’s 🙂







Description: “Blowing raspberries” is a 3 free nail lacquer by butter LONDON. The high price of beauty? We don’t this so. butter LONDON is a 3 free company. No Formaldehyde. No Toluene. No DBP. Colour, not Carcinogens. I love that butter LONDON is 3 free and I really don’t mind paying the extra money.

“Blowing raspberries” is a soft berry red creme polish. I am all about berry colored polish, and this one could take the cake! It’s so soft and elegant. It’s perfect for everyday (if we wore the same color everyday.hehe).

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent ❤

Color (1-5): 5 (I am in love with this color)

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent <3, leveled out really nicely on nail with no streaks.

Coats: I used 2 coats, but I could have used just one. -AWESOME!

Base coat/ Top coat: I didn’t use a base coat this time (but I will next time to prevent staining my nails),  “Blowing raspberries” is so shiny that you don’t really need a top coat.

Stains: It  stain my skin (you can see in the pictures) and nails when I was cleaning up and when I removed it. But that’s usually the case with red polish, so it’s no big deal for me.

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): Fast

Clean-up (easy, messy, hard): Hard

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Fast

Price: $14.00 USD

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Where to purchase:


butter LONDON

-Megan ❤

5 Responses to “butter LONDON “blowing raspberries” swatch <3”
  1. essentjewels says:

    That really compliments your skin tone!

  2. everysensory says:

    Pretty! And so shiny!!

  3. Really pretty shade! The name gave me a laugh too 🙂

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