TLG update

Hello Lacquered ladies,

Megan and myself are working on some changes for the site. So stay tuned for that so I thought I’d take the chance tell you about different ways to interact with us =)


please if u want to know any news from us you may need to hit the “show on news feed tab” since apparently Facebook now wants to charge for doing this. we won’t be paying to show up on any news feed that’s just silly. However, I promise we don’t post 10000 times a day, so we won’t blow up your home page. =)

2. Twitter

Yes we have a twitter page I’m not 100% on how to interact with anyone on twitter but every time we post it automatically updates on twitter and sometimes I go on there and write a thing or two but nothing too crazy.

3. Instagram

Currently Megan still doesn’t have an instagram but i do you can search for me by username which is : Gisely2188 i have a few fellow bloggers on there and it’s really nice to see  you guys beyond the blog =) and i guess you can see me too lol i also post my nails way before they ever appear on the blog or sometimes its me playing with designs and i always post there but usually to lazy to post on here.. lol

As always if you follow us we will follow u back or “like” your page back we have these resources just to open communications with other bloggers and people who love polish as much as we do. So that we can share ideas new colors and styles.

With that said don’t stray to far we have tons and tons of swatches coming and Daily!!

bye ❤



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