oh ebay how i love thee =)

So i went ebay shopping for some nail art tools and i got a lot of crap for under 10 bucks! I’m super excited its all coming from china so it will take forever to arrive (like 2 weeks) but the price is well worth the wait.

My first buy was nail tape =) i went to some chinese shops here in Miami to try to get my hands on some but they didn’t even know what i was looking for lmao.. they all pointed me in the direction of the nail wraps and stickers, so i decided to order via ebay

i got it for 2.70 + free shipping awesomeness!! plus i get 18 different colors! which i would’ve been just happy with one..





Then i decided to get different size dotting tools… this one was my biggest shock! i bought a dual tool (brush on one side dotting tool on the other) for $4.99 however on ebay i got it for 1.59 + free shipping . i feel like i got a little ripped off at the sally beauty supply lol

So my second purchase was 5 dotting tools and on both ends it has a different size! i can’t wait to play with these!! ahhh!!





Finally i decided that i need different brushes. since i only have one and sometimes when I’m playing with the brush it feels either too big for what i want or too small so variety is something i definitely need. on my ebay hunt i found this.

My last ebay purchase for the day 15 pc set for 2.78 + free shipping!! yeh yuh!!





I’m thrilled that i was able to get free shipping on all my orders i know that it may last longer than a week but its ok because its not something i need right away and at these prices i can’t complain!

so overall i spent 2.70+1.59+2.78 = $7.07

now behind every great bargain there is a doubter and this time it was my mother she kept telling me how shitty the quality will be but honestly i don’t care these items were bought for personal use so it’s up to me to maintain them and it gives me a chance to play with my polish while i look into better tools that are worth investing on but since i haven’t done my research this is just about how much I’m willing to spend at the moment!

anyways! that is all for now hopefully my julep june box arrives soon but i haven’t even gotten an email with shipping info yet. which makes me sad by this time last month my may box was already on its way..

oh yea Happy Memorial Day =)

I’m actually off so i shall spend it with my Pcat prep book and episode 9:season 2 of game of thrones… as much as i wanna go to the beach i need to study but its all good i have my vacation planned to leave  the same night right after i take my PCAT =)!!!!


10 Responses to “oh ebay how i love thee =)”
  1. Missa says:

    The nail dotting tools I received were great!! Now I’m off to look at the tape…

  2. bmweed says:

    I’ve been haunting my local Sallys here for a dotting tool – heading off to ebay now! Awesome bargain!

  3. Judi Tierney says:

    You tube video by dunncd1 she showed a NOTD using the same tape. I think she got it from eBay as well. She lives in Ireland. It looked really pretty. 🙂

  4. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I got all my stuff from ebat china too.rice well worth wait 🙂

  5. Woah! thanks for posting 😀 Just bought the same tape and brush set 😀

  6. everysensory says:

    I love ebay! I bought the dotting tools and tape (dunno if its from the same seller, but hey) – and it turned up here, in NZ, within 2 weeks, and seems good quality to me! Looking forward to seeing the fun you have with them 🙂

  7. sparkleigh says:

    Nothing makes me happy like a good bargain! Fun purchases.

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