My first Bettina polish


Can u guys believe it! Two posts in one day? hhahaha it’s almost as if I’ve gone mad!

well I’m not crazy i just feel bad that i haven’t been blogging. I’ve been changing my polish often but never gotten around to blogging about it. i took a summer class and I’m currently studying for the PCAT which i signed up for on July 18!! I’m so nervous but I’m as ready as ill ever be and I should take it before i forget any more chemistry lol!

anyway enough about school that’s not what the blog is for!

Meet my first Bettina polish: Ocean

this polish line just showed up at my job like a month ago or so and its relatively cheap $4.19 or 2/$8 (so u save what 40 cents lmao) i never thought of trying it until i went to another store and saw this color which instantly i felt like i wanted it. so pretty i don’t think any of my pictures due justice since the light in my room is yellowish so it makes the color look more green than blue. its blue/green but more blue than green and it does remind me a lot of the ocean it makes me wanna do designs with sand color polish to kind of set the theme.

the formula was amazing! let me tell u it went on creamy yet tried incredibly fast and i only needed two coats. i didn’t even apply a top coat. not cause it didn’t need it. It does! just cause i was too lazy. Either way, the color is beautiful. i will definitely buy more of these in the future my mom got a pink one the day after my purchase so maybe ill try that one next =)



now i want to tell you guys about my new obsession! its called Game Of  Thrones! I’m of course talking about the HBO show. I will eventually get myself to reading the books because i read that they will move away from the books to keep the people reading as well as watching the show so not the same people will die and certain things will be different. but man is this show good! i fell in love with khal drogo and then if you’ve seen season 1 you know why I’m so heart-broken =/ i don’t wanna spoil it for anyone its a great show! go watch it! i bought the dvd set at best buy the other day on SALE yeh yuh

I strongly recommend it. And before u start judging me because there’s nudity and stuff.. i honestly don’t notice it or care for it the story line is seriously amazing and if u focus on that i don’t think you’ll worry too much about the nudity and such.. lol!

anyways! I’m off to see if my brain can handle a little more studying. Share your thoughts and such


13 Responses to “My first Bettina polish”
  1. mikec0113 says:

    how about you let me borrow the DVDs when you’re done? btw that’s a pretty nail color

  2. mikec0113 says:

    how about you let me borrow the dvds once you’re done? btw that’s a pretty nail color

  3. theclassyanarchist says:

    haha, I’ve heard many good things about Game of Thrones, and I’m sure I’d like it. I just don’t have the time! That said, the polish is fabulous! Teal is my favourite colour, and any variation of green / blue comes in at a close second!

  4. simphonyblue says:

    🙂 yes the movie, or the books after this movie is made, is/are great. very nice done,good actors,great place of filming…and more.

  5. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I love Game of Thrones, I have not read the books either, I have a friend at work who tells me that (just like my other Obsession, True Blood, which I HAVE read all of the books) They are not staying true to the books so it does not matter, you will not learn much more by reading them. That is silly that people would judge over the nudity and stuff, you didnt’ write it! and it’s not a TON ! love this show 😀

    • Amanda (Mae) says:

      plus, that’s HBO that’s what they do, True blood does same thing witht he nudity, and the books doesn’t have that much..

    • megis217 says:

      omg you have no idea i got into a heated argument with a co worker who’s only like 4-5 years older about the subject. more about the fact that i was reading 50 shades of grey and i told her she should read it. she went home and read a critics review and came back arguing that “my” generation is rotting…

      ugh i got so upset first erotic novels have been around for probably just as long as any other kind of book and secondly maybe she should read the book and make her own judgement on the book instead of taking a “critics” ideas and thoughts as her own…

      end of story i was upset lol so needless to say i didn’t even bother suggesting that she watched game of thrones and i decided to add that in there i didn’t know how ignorant ppl still were and how close minded they are ugh!! anyway enough of my rant!

      yes i think they stray away from the book to continue the show even past the book or stretch the season because i honestly think GOT will be around for more than 5 seasons (5 books)

      • Amanda (Mae) says:

        wow… What a bitch! That is so rude to say to someone that ur generation is rotting. How about, i did some reading and its just not something im into. End of story

  6. Judi Tierney says:

    Hi guys,must wanted you to know I have sets of the OPI Mm vintage collection for sale. $30 for complete set, plus shipping, if you want one please let me know as soon as you can. Distribution is supposed to be limited for these. I only have a few sets.
    Thanks, and btw I love your new design theme.
    Xoxo — Judi

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