May VoxBox!

Hey guys I received my very first voxbox and let me tell you I LOVE it!!

After seeing Megan’s very sad birchbox I was not expecting this one to be any better especially since its 100% free. But its fabulous all my samples are Full Size! yeh yuh!! =)

So this is my may VoxBox:

SheerCover duo concealer:

I don’t really use concealer, or make-up for that matter. since I’ve always had a problem with breakouts I’ve found that no make up prevents it better than anything I’ve tried but when i got this i did wear it to work and it did conceal certain things well. i didn’t notice a huge difference but it was nice and blended well with my skin color, so you couldn’t tell i was wearing make up. this one is light/medium

ChapStick lip shield 365:

I am such a fan of ChapStick! so getting this in the VoxBox was awesome!! lol i opened it last night and tried it and i loved it and it had probably the best wear I’ve seen with chapstick it lasted on for such a long time! and it smelled yummy too!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects:

This product alone made me feel like i should’ve paid, but glad i didn’t! i buy these probably like on a regular basis and even with my employee discount at walgreens i pay about $8 per box which i could get a OPI bottle or Essie bottle that will last me much longer than these strips. but boy are these things super awesome! you get a kick ass design in almost no time, I’ve become an expert at applying these and they last forever! love it!!!!

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance mist:

Another reason why this voxbox was AMAZING! Look at the size of that bottle. That’s like the super deluxe size they could’ve easily given us a small tester but nope that’s the big bottle and paris amour is one of my favorite fragrances from BBW at the moment. however, my favorite right now is Malibu heart ❤ it’s so yummy

Aveeno Daily moisturizing body wash:

Aveeno is one of those products that just works for everyone. At the pharmacy aveeno products are the most recommended for people suffering from many skin conditions. it has many properties that makes it safe for everyone!

Dr.Scholl’s for her ball of foot:

This product came to the wrong girl. i wear heels once in a blue moon and even when there is that blue moon i still try to see if i can use flats as an alternative I’m so sorry but i suffer from flat feet so heels are a torture yea they are nice and feminine but ugh w/e YOLO (you only live once) and i rather live without torturing my feet. When i do need to wear heels i usually have some kind of support on the inside to help my foot be at least a little comfortable but even like that its hell. I’ll eventually try this and ill let you guys know if it helped at all.

SoyJoy Bar:

Finally the Soyjoy bar lol i don’t have a picture of it because i gave it away. how dare they give me blueberry yuck lmao! jk but seriously i don’t like that artificial blueberry taste don’t ask me why so i didn’t bother trying it. My mom however said it was yummy and that she liked it lol!

Overall, receiving the VoxBox was a good experience. Now i have to go on the website and review each product to make sure I’m chosen for the next box. because this is something i definitely to repeat itself =)

did anyone else get the may VoxBox?


9 Responses to “May VoxBox!”
  1. I am so jealous, it looks great! I signed up on Influenster a couple of months ago and told them I was a beauty blogger, but maybe it was just too early. I have been picked for the mommy box, so that is pretty exciting.

    It looks like you got a lot of fab stuff for free — so that’s awesome. Enjoy!

    • megis217 says:

      oh i saw the mommy box and i want it, however I’m not a mommy so i doubt ill get it lol! but yea its awesome!

      Let us know when you get you mommy box! thanks for reading =)

  2. nisha760 says:

    awww im still waiting on mine! I cant wait to get it ughhhh im like the last person to get everythin lol

  3. everysensory says:

    That would be so much fun to get in the mail! I bet it’s USA only, though, right. Sigh. I’ll live vicariously through you, instead. I TOTALLY agree with the YOLO so why live with tortured feet – I’m very much a sneaker / flat boots girl! Occasionally heels – but never for long. Owies. 😀

    • megis217 says:

      im not sure if its usa only you should check its definitely a very good deal especially since its free! lol

      and yes sneakers and flats for me all the way too only if i really need to wear heels will i lol!

      and i can’t believe i said YOLO too funny!!
      btw the butterflies u sent megan were beautiful!! great job!

  4. instillari says:

    This is so awesome!

  5. instillari says:

    This is so awesome. I have never heard of that website before, I should check it out. Enjoyed your post 🙂

  6. You got a GREAT VoxBox!!!! I’m SUPER JEALOUS!!! You won! lol

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