“I’ll follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi”

Hey guys!

Well wordpress was being very stupid and wouldn’t let me add a new post thru my own dashboard! ugh so I wasn’t able to bring u this Essie polish change until now that I was able to figure out the problem! =)

So I present you with Essie: Camera from their poppy-razzi collection 😉

I didn’t buy the whole collection because i didn’t really want it and it wasn’t really in my budget. however i know if i would’ve wanted it bad i would’ve made a whole new monthly budget just to get my hands on the collection. Not that the colors aren’t pretty its just… idk not for me but i did pick my favorite from the collection to swatch it for you guys! =)

The day after i got the color i had no idea that i should add a white base coat to make the color “Pop” (even though megan told me and i didn’t listen.. thought she was making it up =D lol ) so i applied it without the white and i have pictures to show you so that hopefully you don’t make the same mistake!! It looks terrible.. yuck never making that mistake again!!! Then i found this and realized that megan wasn’t making it up after all =P So right after work that night i went home removed that and primed my nail. i didn’t use the “blanc” that they sell with the collection because well i didn’t even know about it (lmao) and i have essie “marshmallow” so i thought it would be a good chance to swatch that white also. i absolutely love Essie’s marshmallow i love wearing it alone looks so cute. so for the day after that terrible mishap i did wear just essie Marshmallow =) and this is a pretty new app(frametastic) i got that i decided to use to show the marshmallow 😛 So after i had that on for a day i did a second trial on the “Camera” this was the results after one coat over the white:  After the first coat I was so disappointed I was like “ugh! i don’t even know if i wanna do another coat”… thank god i did!! lol i think its so pretty!! Topped it off with seche vite top coat: and took an instagram photo =) i am absolutely addicted to instagram now! and i hashtag two lacquered girls (#TwoLacqueredGirls) so if u ever wanna see what my nails look like i will be posting it there first lol since its super quick to post i just started using that hashtag so i think theres only like 3 pics.. lol all of which r already on this post! also if u ever wanna share you polish just hashtag our name to you caption and i will see it =) I’m trying to get megan to download the app but she’s so stubborn! jeez!

lmao now that wordpress is back to normal and we have some down time we promise not to be lost for so long as we were! Thank you guys for still reading!



2 Responses to ““I’ll follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi””
  1. everysensory says:

    That looks gorgeous, esp with it’s white underwear 🙂

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