Didn’t think i would have time for this…

(Essie: Go overboard)

Hello =)

I didn’t think i would have time to blog or do a polish change but… i did!

yesterday after 5-6 hours straight of studying i decided i needed a little bit of polish therapy. =) so i grabbed my new Essie bottle and painted away.

They just started selling Essie again at my job and i was so excited lol i even got mad texts from co workers when the rack went up at my job! so yesterday my job offered employees 25% off (usually its 15%) so i ran and grabbed this color and just bought it without thinking. isn’t it pretty =) I’ve been wanting the color for a while now but I’ve been trying to stay away from essie  because their formula is always so “iffy”. The formula for Go Overboard is very thick i didn’t need more than one coat to cover the nail perfectly and match the color of the bottle. So it was a perfect quick break from studying =)

Ive been studying a lot cause i want to try and get all A’s this semester however that is a lot more difficult than u think especially when you have to work too… but last night i was up til 6 am i slept and woke up today around 10:30 – 11:00 but with a headache so I’ve just been bumming it out before i start studying once again =/ can’t wait til wednesday to be completely free of this semester =)

alright I’m outta here I’m starting to feel guilty that i’m not studying…



Update on the may maven box:

I picked Bombshell and added kylie and Ellie … so basically I’m getting American Beauty also without the extra stuff thats already in the bombshell box =)

2 Responses to “Didn’t think i would have time for this…”
  1. nailpolishblogger says:

    Thats a beautiful color!

  2. everysensory says:

    That is a beautiful colour, and suits you! Glad you could get it, and get the chance to use it. Get some sleep, its more important to brain functioning than people know 😉

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