Help me pick a maven box!!!!

So I need your help in picking my may box. The problem is I love them all!!

Ugh why can’t pick more than one box :/

Here are the choices:






I’m inclined towards “it girl” and “bombshell” but i don’t know they are all so beautiful.

So comment and let me know. (please!!)

Julep is slowly creeping up and finding a place in my heart ❀ I think this is a program I wanna stay a member of πŸ™‚


***Finals are almost over I promise beautiful swatches over the break :)***

Also, please follow this link contest and vote for Megan’s cat Pepe this is the picture you should be voting/liking



17 Responses to “Help me pick a maven box!!!!”
  1. judit1661 says:

    Bombshell, definetly Bombshell. They included the add ons again so you can buy the other colors you like, I think for $4.99? I love the Bombshell colors slightly more than the others! Xoxo

  2. Meg S says:

    I love love love It Girl!

  3. sugarmitten says:

    I like Bombshell the best but I’m really not crazy about any of them 😦 I hate magnetic polish. Do you know if you can switch for other colors or do you have to pick one of the boxes? I don’t want to skip the month but I’m not loving any of the colors.

    • megis217 says:

      You have to pick one … How can u not like these colors?? Lol I’m in love I picked bombshell n added Kylie and Ellie I can’t wait

      • sugarmitten says:

        The only color I actually like is Sarah. Fina is OK but I’m not loving it. Ashley, Nessa and Cheryl I think will look horrible with my pale skin tone. And I really hate magnetic polish so Kylie is out for me. If I do get one it will definitely be Bombshell. I’m bummed though, I really don’t want to skip a month but I’m definitely not loving any of them.

  4. rlvn74 says:

    Bombshell, but it would be cool to try the magnetic polish (although i don’t like any of the other colours)

  5. mchichester says:

    I like It Girl the best, at least for the colors!

  6. everysensory says:

    Good choice with the add ons, as well! They were all pretty – but It Girl was nice but you do have enough yellows – Sarah in Bombshell is stunning but the finish on Fina could be scary frost … will be fun for me, anyway, living vicariously through you polish queens πŸ˜€

  7. camartinsky says:

    They’re all great but I think I like the first one the best. Should I sign up for those? What do you think about it?

  8. jocelynplemel says:

    I had a really tough time choosing too! I stuck with my It Girl box, and added the Pedi Prep and Sarah. I would’ve just gotten the Bombshell box and added a couple colors, but I just hate chrome looking colors like Fina..yuck. I thought the yellow and orange in It Girl looked great together, and I’m looking forward to trying out my first magnetic polish. I’ll probably kick myself when they come out with others though, since I don’t love the color of Kylie really, just want to try the magnetic thing out..

    • megis217 says:

      yea i finally decided on bombshell and added ellie and kylie..

      i have 2 magnetic polishes now and i really like them… it takes time to finally get it right just make sure the paint is very wet when u bring it close to the magnet for best results
      eventually (by nail #3 or so) you’ll understand the formula and the strength of the magnet and it’ll be a breeze…

      yea i was hoping they had another magnetic polish thats wasn’t purple i have a purple one now very similar to kylie but i wanna try out their magnet to see if its better than the one i have so i got it!

  9. glamdox says:

    This is a tough choice, I’m liking alot of the boxes this month too. Still though, I’ll probably end up skipping again just because of the price. I think you can buy the other boxes in the maven shop, if you can’t decide. I’m not sure if they’re available immediately or after the other boxes go out.

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