Oh julep how I <3 you, let me count the ways :)

FINALLY!!! After TEN days of waiting, all of my boxes are finally here!! So without further ado…….



Nail file, Melissa, Hayden, Helena, Top coat and oil 🙂



Nail file, oil, Base coat, Sienna, Melissa and Anne



Anne, Melissa, Hayden, Top cot, Argan oil and a $50.00


Nail file (x2)=Free

Oil (x2)=$36

Top coat (x2)=$28

Base coat=$14


Melissa (x3)=$42

Anne (x2)=$28

Hayden (x2)=$28


Argan oil=$28

$50 GC

Total=$282 and I only spent $60!

even though I have a bunch of dupes, It doesnt really matter to me since the bottles are so small, now I feel like I have a full sized

And it works out even better for my sister, she wanted to paint her hands and feet with Hayden and I told her no since I only had one bottle, but now that I have two she can paint all she wants.. 🙂

I already spent the GC :x! I couldn’t wait! I got Drew, Ellen, Samantha and April’s Classic with a Twist Box.

I am a sucker for mystery boxes and I know that a lot of people complain about getting dupes, but It doesn’t really matter to me I still think its a GREAT deal. Though I wish they would send out more colored polishes, I can do without the top and base coats. At least this time around they didn’t send out any lotion!! I think us Mavens get enough lotion every month!

And I hope they do a Mother’s day box.. I’ll be getting some :X!

So if you haven’t signed up for the Julep Maven program should I love it..

Click on the link and take the quiz, add your box to the cart!

or if you dont want to take the quiz, you just want to pick your own box, when you click on the link (above) and when you see this picture (its the second picture):

and it will take you to the list of boxes. pick your box!

Add the code julepvip
Make sure to put free shipping and change your state and there you go first months box for a penny!

you have the options to skip as many months as you want or you can cancel.

-Megan :x!

8 Responses to “Oh julep how I <3 you, let me count the ways :)”
  1. ladylondie says:

    Ohh!!! I’m so jealous – I wish they were available to us in NZ 😦

  2. meandjd says:

    How many uses do you get out of one bottle? They look so small!

    • megis217 says:

      I’m not sure I painted my toes with two coats and I can’t even tell I used the bottle.

      My sister used another and 1/5 is gone

      The one she used was sheer and the one that
      I used wasn’t.

      Do I guess it depends.

  3. nrpramik says:

    I’ll have to try this polish brand. Congrats – I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: 🙂

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