My first and last Birchbox

Ok so I have been stalking my e-mail since I woke up today… waiting for my Birchbox. And I’ve been looking at my porch all day. So when I check my e-mail again, it said delivered! WTF why was it not on my porch!? So I walked to the mail box and BAM!! It’s a small box. I have NO idea why I thought that it was going to be a BIG box, but I did. Hhhmmmm so I took pictures as I opened the box and here they are…..









(Sorry I know my hands are nasty! don’t look, just focus on the color)

so what was in the box:

– Viva la juicy sample

– Color Club MINI

– Jurlique herbal recovery night cream sample

– Kerastase cream for hair sample

– Show stoppers strips (they said this was free, yea right) sample

As soon as I finished getting over how PISSED I was that I spent $10.00 on this!

I canceled my membership and they ask before you cancel to write to them WHY?!?! so I did:

“I was so excited to join birchbox!
but what a disappointment, this box was.
these were not deluxe samples, if I wanted samples like these I could have gone to Macy’s and they would have been free.
and colorclub is at most $3.00, for you guys to charge $8.00 is a rip off.
and to send a MINI size is a slap in the face.”

A SLAP IN MY FACE!!!! wow!

When I ordered my butter LONDON from Nordstrom they sent me 3 deluxe samples for free and guess what they where better than what I was sent.

excuse my french but : FUCK YOU BIRCHBOX! lol

What could I have gotten for these 10 bucks:

I could have gotten

– 3 china glaze polish (3 bucks each)

– 2 Essie polishes (4.25 each)

– 2 OPI polishes (4.25 each)

3 FULL size Colorclub!! (3.00 each)

– A large PIZZA!!!!!!

OK so I have learned not to jump at every GREAT DEAL out there! Because this was not a good DEAL…

If there are any of you out there that do like Birchbox, sorry if I offended you. πŸ™‚

Hopefully tomorrow my Julep boxes will get here! That membership I am keeping!


37 Responses to “My first and last Birchbox”
  1. Argenplath says:

    Oh it sucks you got such an awful box! I hate when these deluxe sample boxes don’t live up to your expectations (and give stuff you can get for free elsewhere).

  2. You got the same box I did except my Color Club was pink (He Loves Me). I thought this was all good stuff for $10. I really want to know where you are shopping where you are getting your polishes for those prices cause I haven’t ever seen those at those prices. My China Glaze polishes are all $7 or more, My Essie’s are all $8 or more and OPIs are all $6.50 or more. Unless they are all on clearance but I haven’t seen that either. I need to start shopping where you shop so I can start putting polishes better than Revlon and Wet n Wild in my stash. haha :o) I’m sorry you were disappointed. ❀

    • megis217 says: <– china glaze<– china glaze, essie, colorclub

      I get opi and essie at a beauty supply wholesaler here in miami

      and i get opi's on ebay. I dont shop at walgreens or cvs anymore.. now that i found the wholesaler

  3. everysensory says:

    Oh no! Thats not good. Good on you for letting them know exactly why you were cancelling, too. Thats just mean of them to send such pitiful sample sized stuff.

  4. You tell them, sister! My April Birchbox “entry” tomorrow sounds about the same!

  5. nisha760 says:

    Im so glad you posted about this! I have been debating about getting Birchbox for awhile now, and now I a definatly not going to. Yet, my friend for the April Birchbox and she really liked it. She got a towel, perfume sample, a big packet of loion, 5 packets of this skin product, and a full size Zonya nail polish. Does everybody get a different box? That seems a bit unfair.

  6. judit1661 says:

    I need to know where you buy your polish that you get it so cheap! Those are great prices. In my town Essie is $8, OPI $9, and China Glaze is $8. BTW, next month Birch Box is partnering with Gossip Girl. The girl I get these for wanted to cancel because the only box out of 4, that she liked was the Teen Vogue one. I did keep her membership for next month but after that I’m canceling. This month she got not one make up item.

    • megis217 says: <– china glaze<– china glaze, essie, colorclub

      I get opi and essie at a beauty supply wholesaler here in miami

      and i get opi's on ebay. I dont shop at walgreens or cvs anymore.. now that i found the wholesaler

  7. Shaundra says:

    Wow I feel like Denver is getting too expensive! Our prices: Essie $8.60, OPI $11, China Glaze $10-12!! You got the crappiest box of anyone I’ve seen this month :-/ All the ones people posted about on youtube are awesome. You got leftovers from previous boxes 😦 They seem to be doing that for people’s first box now.

  8. LOVE what you said!!
    Also I had a FREE birchbox from Teen Vogue earlier this month. Very similar to yours and just as shitty. I’m debating to even write a post about it 😦

  9. I wrote them an angry email about getting tea! I was really irritated by that!

  10. mchichester says:

    My first Birchbox was pretty terrible, but my second and third were decent. Still debating on if I am sticking with it or not.

  11. sandie says:

    Funny, I feel the same way about julep maven boxes! I love my birch boxes tho

  12. That is a beautiful polish color, but yeah, not worth $10. I was thinking of signing up for one of those services, now I know it wont be Birchbox.

  13. megis217 says:

    Lmao mea you should send them a copy of this blog post. They may give u ur money back if u do ::fingers crossed::
    Looks so terrible… Lmao I’m so glad I didn’t bother with that…sorry that u went thru that.

  14. Jin says:

    I just got my first Julep Maven and I was so worried about it. I was afraid I would feel the way you just described!
    But I was very happy to be surprized for good πŸ˜€

    I do totally understand how you feel and I am now so glad I didn’t go cheap for the Birch box, and instead I spent twice for the Julep’s!

    Thanks for your review!!!

  15. Irnbb says:

    Love your post! Even though it’s you ranting. But I like how you’re being completely honest about it!

  16. That’s why I’m so wary of birchbox and other similar sites. Feel like I can get equivalent samples if I ask nicely enough at Sephora and other beauty counters. Though $10 a month doesn’t seem much at first do these women realize they are wasting $120 a year on…samples?! And the occasional full-size products! I don’t get it.

    • megis217 says:

      I know! :x! It seems like a great deal.. but it isn’t … I’m super cheap and always looking for the best deal, but once I opened the box I knew I was getting ripped off.

      Oh well…

    • megis217 says:

      What’s worse is that birchbox most likely gets these samples for free n the full size probably get a good wholesale price so it’s a lot of profit for them and shitty boxes for us

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