My Spring Mystery Box (Giselle)


well as promised here is what came in my mystery box:

L->R: Anne, Sienna, Melissa, Cuticle oil, Base-Coat

Does anyone know why they have these windows? i think its neat but i don't know why they have this

Now lets focus on just the colors:

Meet Anne:

She’s purple, vibrant and beautiful.

Meet Sienna:

She’s sexy, a diva and makes me regret ever putting these strips on.

Meet Melissa:

She’s shy, sheer shimmer and classy.

I also got the cuticle oil and a base coat:

Of course I also got the chocolate and infamous nail file =) overall I’m pleased with my mystery box. I was hoping for a gift certificate soooooooo bad =/ but oh well if everyone got one it wouldn’t make it so much of a mystery. my favorite color that I got was sienna damn that color is pretty. I Love purple but this time purple took the number 2 position.

I just updated my page with all the nail polishes I have, however I know I’m missing some so I have to revise the list but for now u get a view to big chunk of my collection! =) I need a polish rack!



P.s: I want to see all your boxes! so send me pics or tell me what you got!! anyone get the big box?

14 Responses to “My Spring Mystery Box (Giselle)”
  1. Aw, I am really glad I didn’t get it… Looks like they repeated A LOT of colors. I have ALL but Sienna. Sienna is pretty! πŸ™‚

    • megis217 says:

      yea sienna is beautiful!!
      yea i think once i have a good number of julep polishes i won’t do the mystery box anymore because they repeated a lot and the add made it seem like we would get pretty spring colors which we didn’t really get, not that I’m complaining but i wanted a nice pink or pastel blue… oh well

  2. sugarmitten says:

    I don’t know why they have those windows but I don’t like them, I think it looks sloppy. But the window on your cuticle oil is kind of cool cause it looks like a polish squiggle. I still haven’t gotten mine!! The suspense is killing me!!! I’m in Northern California, these things shipped from Washington…how the heck did you get yours all the way in Florida before me??? Ha! Hopefully today will be my lucky day!

    • megis217 says:

      Lmao idk a friend of mine got here at the same time as I did it was so funny but Megan’s haven’t arrived yet either so idk I guess I got lucky!! But urs should be here soon πŸ™‚

  3. Betsy says:

    My mystery box was identical to your’s! I LOVE Anne! It’s so so pretty πŸ™‚ and the rollerball cuticle oil is super awesome πŸ˜€

  4. essentjewels says:

    I love the purple and she is vibrant, probably somewhat like you!

  5. everysensory says:

    They look great, esp Sienna! I’d love to see Melissa layered over black… πŸ˜‰ Your nail strips still look good, envy!

  6. Amanda (Mae) says:

    The purple is really pretty

  7. I got this box! I just put Anne on and it looks great so far! I had the cuticle oil already, but I really like it so it’s okay. I also tried the base coat and so far so good. I wish I;d gotten the big box!

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