nail care for the incredibly busy

So I don’t have any polish change to talk about but lately on study breaks and such I’ve been looking up nail care tips so I decided to share with you guys the ones that I think are the the most interesting and the ones that are realistic enough to follow.

 Nail care Do’s & Don’ts:

 1. Do put nail polish in freezer to keep nail polish smooth.

2. Don’t use nails or blades to remove nail polish use only nail polish remover.

3. Do rub a vitamin E capsule on brittle nails as a moisturizer.

4. Don’t opt out of using a basecoat; this helps to avoid the yellowing of the nails.

5.Do wait for first coat to dry completely before applying another to prevent bubbles in nail polish.

6. Avoid products containing toluene sulfonamide or formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause redness or irritate the skin.


1. The quick and inexpensive ways to fix your dry, brittle nails apply petroleum jelly. Treating your nails and cuticles with petroleum jelly makes lot of difference. Carry a small tube of petroleum jelly with you for more convenience.

2 want your polish change to last little longer put little vinegar on your nails before nail polish.

3.For my ladies with acrylics: Almond oil will stop acrylic nails from dehydrating and coming away from the nail plate.

4. Drink lots of water daily!! =)

So yesterday my school had a concert for student featuring




I got my mystery box and I’m very pleased however the lighting sucks for me to take pictures now so I will post tomorrow after my class!

Now this lacquered lady must sleep



7 Responses to “nail care for the incredibly busy”
  1. nisha760 says:

    i love the tips! and luckyyy!!!! I LOVE Travis McCoy!! Drake came to out school once and I had a blast. hope you had fun 🙂

  2. Vixenvolume says:

    That concert was sooooo good :*

    Also, I never put base coat on. Shame on me ;c

  3. lilbrigs says:

    The picture with the starbucks cup inspired me to do rainbow nails today (or rather, yellow-pink-purple-blue-turquoise nails).

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