Finals week is right around the corner…

Hey guys Finals week is right around the corner for both Megan and myself and there is a chance that we may not be able to swatch or share our polish changes because we may not have the time to do any polish changes! but I promise that we will make up for it in the summer!!!

in the meantime! enjoy all the other wonderful things we share with you..

Like today! I want to share the thing that has been on my mind all week-long since my aunt bought me my ticket & that’s Discovery Cove ❤

if you haven’t heard of discovery cove you should check it out! its amazing I absolutely loved it. I went last year and I can’t wait to go back this year with my family. Every year I get together with my family from jersey somewhere in florida for the last 2 years Orlando has been our destination and for 7+ years before that it was Marco Island (another place you guys should check out) and it’s so nice to be able to spend time with them once a year I miss them a lot after I moved down here, even though I moved a long time ago part of me is still there.

this is the link to discovery cove  <– if you are ever coming this way on vacation I recommend it (if it’s in your budget, of course)

Also I just had my last test for physics 2… and I can’t say that I’m not a little depressed =/ I reviewed everything and when I sat down to take the test I swear it was like I was reading chinese I don’t know if I over thought it or I was nervous but I’m really beating myself up on it… I still don’t have my grade even though I don’t think I failed but I really wanted an A =/ and unless my intuition is off I got a B or C .. ughh!!

Alrighty loves! our julep boxes have been shipped! and I couldn’t be more excited!! I will do a video of me opening the box for the first time! that should be fun! lmao! remember to share with us when you get your boxes! just post your blog/vlog post on our Facebook page when you get the box or here! not twitter… I’m really not liking twitter =X lol!

ok I need to study for genetics now! can’t wait for school to end!!!! byee!!!



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