Hey guys!!

I’m currently studying for my physics exam so my super cute Easter post will have to wait! But I do want to tell you about this pretty little number I found in the clearance rack at Walgreens!!! It’s Sally Hanson’s deep blue sea and I’m in love with this color at firs I was like “eh it’s ok” but after wearing it for about 3-4 days I dreaded having to remove it 😦


That’s pretty much the only picture I had time to take!
I’m currently working on an Easter design that I will post very soon

Also julep’s Easter box is up!!! Hurry and get your box using coupon code :spring

Byeeeee <;3


4 Responses to “Holaaaa!!!!”
  1. I’m not getting an Easter box this year! 😦 Definitely let me know what’s in it if you get it!! 🙂

    • megis217 says:

      will do!

      i can’t believe u got what two? saint patricks day boxes and no easter! think of all the pretty spring colors ur ganna miss out on!!! noooo


  2. theclassyanarchist says:

    Beautiful colour! And good luck on your physics exam! I’ve got my finals coming up in 2 weeks, and classes just finished for the semester. Impressed you’re able to squeeze in any time to blog during school craziness!

    • megis217 says:

      lol i blogged on my phone on a break! its tough to find time but i always try my best to
      good luck on your finals!!! and thanks for reading!


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