So apparently I haven’t done a swatch in a while.. and remember our Facebook giveaway!

Hello everyone!!
Happy freaking Sunday!

I really wanted to post this yesterday but since it was raining here I had no reception on my phone and it wouldn’t let me upload! 😦

Anyway I’ve been kind of addicted to our new Facebook page! I love interacting with everyone! And its kinda getting in the way of my studying! :x!

So we only need like 16 more likes for 300 on our Facebook page. Have you liked us yet?

The giveaway is still going on until Friday!

There will be 3 winners, first prize is a BUTTER LONDON in Teddy girl! So go like us! Its on the left side of this screen!

Well its been two long, hard days but I have NOT bought any polish!

And I feel good about it. Friday I painted my hands and feet with my new butter LONDON polish in jaffa! I didn’t like it so much when I painted it but today I do! I guess it grew on me πŸ™‚ though it was watery and took 4 coats is that normal?

I need to know!

So this is the polish change that I have wanted to post but haven’t gotten around to it untill now:


I wanted to be artsy!Β  Hehe


OPI Serena collection in grape…set…match! Its a multi shimmer grape purple! I love it! Its a really dark deep purple not everyone can deal with this purple! Some days I couldn’t deal with it, but its awesome!



I freaking love love love love servin’ up sparkle (from the same collection) I’ve used this glitter topcoat over alot of different polishes and its awesome! I’m half way done with the bottle I may need to purchase another later on!





Lmao doesn’t the polish look amazing against the glaze of the doughnut.

Yum now I want a doughnut!Β  But I can’t I started my diet finally yesterday ! I took a picture of me eating subway with jaffa but I’m going to wait till I post about jaffa. hahah the color looks awesome with my sub!

Well that is all for now hope you have all a great April fools ! This year is going by so fast! Wow

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Also since Thursday I have not purchased any polish! I have been tempted by I have not! And I’m not sure if I like this feeling! I really want to buy polish! Reading blogs has become difficult ..lmao I want every polish that my fellow bloggers post about! But I have to stay strong!
Is there some form of an AA group for polish junkies? !?



16 Responses to “So apparently I haven’t done a swatch in a while.. and remember our Facebook giveaway!”
  1. sugarmitten says:

    From the reviews and swatches I’ve seen of Jaffa it should only take 2 coats. That’s really weird. Mine is on back order but I should have it in a couple weeks and then I can let you know how many coats I need. I can’t wait to see how it looks on you!

    • megis217 says:

      Yea it was really thin! 😑 I put a swatch on Facebook of it.

      Everyday I like it more and more its really growing on me. Lol you’re going to love it!

  2. If there is an AA, I also need to join ASAP. I also want every color each and every blogger writes about! I FINALLY am going to get the Zoya Beach and Surf Collection tomorrow. Hopefully the 12 satiate my craving for the month! 😑 I hope so!!

  3. mchichester says:

    Servin’ Up Sparkle is SO pretty!

  4. indigo45fly says:

    Hi! I wanted you to know that I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! Copy/save the badge and follow the rules here:

    Happy Blogging!

  5. laquerloon says:

    I’m glad I picked up this set because it’s gorgeous! Now I’m going to have to use it!

  6. Nicole says:

    You’re on a diet and a no-buy?! How are you gonna live?! πŸ™‚ Good luck! πŸ˜€
    Also, I see you gals were tagged by someone else, but I also tagged you in my getting to know you game post. If you’d like to participate, check out my site, if not, that’s cool too. πŸ™‚

    • megis217 says:

      Yea idk how either! Yes! We will check it out when Giselle and I are together! We have like 4 that we need to do. We are so behind!

      Thank you!

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