FIRST maven box & video. Check it out!!

So today when I got home from work and discovered my first (free) maven box on my desk =)

it was so exciting :

meet blake and Meryl:

Everything inside:

And now as promised my first YouTube video: (ahhh I’m freaking out). It was a lot harder than I expected since there’s no script! notice that I say “ummmm” every other second lol oh well with time ill get used to it. Also pardon my attire I was still in my work scrubs. Let me know what you think! I need some SERIOUS feedback!!! and subscribe to our channel if you can!


Also if theres any technical difficulties let me know!



3 Responses to “FIRST maven box & video. Check it out!!”
  1. everysensory says:

    Awesome video, brave girl! 🙂
    Feedback: Loved that you spoke at a nice, natural pace – not too fast or two slow. Loved the skittles still! hehehe
    Perhaps brighter lighting next time – so I could see the colours a bit better, and don’t stress, it was great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. am1ec says:

    Great vlog 🙂

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