Kicking Off Friday With Color!


I’m in such a great mood and I think I have my nails to thank for that.

Yesterday on my way out the door to leave work I see this little display:

I got sucked into buying practically all of them… I didn’t get the red or the dark blue, because I already owned them =X lol but I felt like I needed them all!! yea that’s right even the GREEN

So this was my mini after-work haul at Walgreens:

from left to right:

1. “Why not”  (My favorite)









2. “Big daddy”









3. “Let’s meet” (has shimmer)









4. “Happy ending” (has shimmer)









For my index finger i used Sally Hanson’s “Radiant Red” which i had laying around its an old color and today i couldn’t find it to take a picture of it LOL

I actually got sucked in thanks to julep’s little ad on their front page that made me want to do something similar.. she looks so damn happy doesn’t she?

So here are some other pictures of my mani =) which i LOVE

This pic is to annoy megan! hahahaha she HATES that claw pose =P

As for other things, we launched our Facebook page and twitter account this week and set up our very first giveaway :). Also our youtube channel is up but not functional yet since I haven’t gone around to making a video yet! but I will very soon as I get familiar with all of this. so YAY, you guys will finally see my face! lol!!

Lets see, I haven’t updated you guys on Icy’s adoption yet. We qualified to adopt her but  the more we thought about it the more we realized that this isn’t the right time to adopt a dog. were both very busy and not in a stable environment we live between his house and mine and transporting clothe back and forth is crazy enough imagine adding a dog and all her crap along with it! so we will just wait. “good things come to those who wait” they say….. but it’s very sad we were so excited =/

alright that all for now =)

As soon as I make my first video ill upload it here first!!!

take care guys and enjoy your weekend!!!!! ❤


12 Responses to “Kicking Off Friday With Color!”
  1. everysensory says:

    Nice nails, Giselle! I love a good happy skittles mani, and that certainly qualifies. I’d talk to you if I saw you in the street hehehe isn’t it funny how something like polish can become a conversation starter? Sad/happy news about Icy – definitely the right decision, until you are settled, but hard to do. Much kudos to you! P.S I hate the claw pose too. But I’ll forgive you.. coz the nails are that cool 😀

    • megis217 says:

      Lmao! Yea it’s a great conversation starter I’ve noticed when I’m working in the pharmacy people open up more when they start by talking about my nails lol it’s too Funny and the older people freak out especially with so much color!!!

      And yes our decision with Icy was tough! We were back and forth all week And making excuses to keep her but we had to be smart!
      And yes thanks for forgiving my claw pose, let’s see if Megan does now too lmao!

  2. megis217 says:

    i dont…. sorry…


  3. I love Sinful Colors!!! I bought some in the states and am addicted to them. These colors are gorgeous though! I love the Big Daddy one.

    I did a review on them yesterday. Feel free to check it out:

    Gorgeous post and pics! I think I may try painting all my nails different colors this weekend. That julep ad made me lol!

  4. theclassyanarchist says:

    Such a pretty rainbow! 🙂

  5. budziak says:

    wow those last few photos look like m&m nails.

    • megis217 says:

      Lol yea as I was painting them I craved m&m’s lol!!!! I don’t like skittles so my cravings inclined towards m&m’s but the majority of ppl told me skittles! Boo!!! Lol!!

  6. budziak says:

    p.s. My bf & I just adopted a kitten. He is such a lap cat, he won’t leave my laptop alone and tries to get the mouse icon all the time. LOL. I love him but he makes blogging tough.

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