Follow us with Twitter!

Hey guys!

You can follow us Via twitter now too… we will mostly be posting about sales and such things on twitter and Facebook and if we do giveaways we’ll also use twitter as a way to communicate that since we don’t wanna contaminate the blog with nonsense. so make sure u follow us on FB and Twitter! that way you get more of Giselle & Megan =)

Also a youtube channel will open up soon that mostly i will host that way i can basically “speak” with you guys which I’m looking forward to. i can express myself a little better and you guys can visually see what I’m doing! 

Alright that is all for today i have a test tomorrow and I’m procrastinating big time!!



2 Responses to “Follow us with Twitter!”
  1. Yay! Welcome! Following you as @tanejasbride. 🙂

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