Finally going to go see hunger games, That deserves a polish change!


So finally I’m going to go see hunger games tonight and in honor of this i got a china glaze hunger games polish that i wanted and did a polish change completely around this beautiful polish!

Yesterday i went shopping with Megan and then we had lunch since our Wednesday lunch plans fell through. We went to Sally’s (2 locations) and ULTA (2 locations) lol cause going to one location is just so lame! i was mainly looking for wax because starting this month I’m giving up shaving for waxing. my skin is really rejecting the razors doesn’t matter how “amazing” said razor is known to be my legs break out. so I’m going to give waxing a go! lets see!! if that doesn’t work i may have to invest in laser hair removal because red swollen bumpy skin is so disgusting especially on the legs and summer is right around the corner and this summer, i plan to live on the beach (not literally of course!).

So aside from the waxing supplies i bought i also bought Matte about you, which I had been wanting for 2 weeks and after tons of debate i finally got the luxe and lush polish from the capitol colors collection. This is a collection that i don’t really love. i don’t know if maybe the colors came out in the wrong season or they r just kind of dull but we are in spring and there’s no way I’m getting 12 dark fall like colors mid March! no way! so i gave into the luxe and lush and decided i would layer it with colors i already own.

anyways, once i got home i was itching to try both my new polishes so i came up with this little combination where i got two use both. OH YEAH! ❤

What i used:

Seche Vite: base coat

Sally Hanson: Midnight in NY

China glaze: luxe and lush  (capitol colors collection)

Essie: Matte about you






The testing the matte:

My set up: lol

Without matte:

With matte:

Glossy VS Matte:

Finished product: =)

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15 Responses to “Finally going to go see hunger games, That deserves a polish change!”
  1. everysensory says:

    ooh I really like that matte! I went to grab my Matte About You on the weekend but I hadnt screwed the top on properly and now its almost all evaporated. ARGH! Hope you enjoyed the movie… liking the spring colours in that mani, too. Oh, wait a minute.. LMAO 😀

    • megis217 says:

      lol yea i know not spring at all… but its for the movie I’m thinking of a nice springy mani for my next post! i found a yellow at ulta that i regret not buying! so ima go get it, lol

  2. am1ec says:

    I need more matte about you…they are always sold out when I get to Ulta. Love the matte about u over luxe n lush !!

  3. I really like that! It makes your nails look like a really pretty rock (which is a compliment lol ^^) I’m a geology student ^^

  4. judit1661 says:

    I don’t know about you all butim lovin’ the matte look. I’m adding that to my list! Thanks for the post, how was the movie?

  5. theclassyanarchist says:

    I’ve never seen Essie’s Matte About You here in Canada, but I’ve seen other brands of matte top coats (Orly’s, but that was @ Winner’s, which is kind of like TJ Maxx, I think.. so it’s mostly random overstock that gets sold, and not the same products). I love the effect it gives, but I also love my glossy nails too! 🙂 Enjoy the movie! I really want to see it!

    • megis217 says:

      i actually had a hard time picking a matte top coat that i’d be comfortable in using and OPI’s matte top coat runs for almost $20 which is such a rip off! Essie’s Matte about you is only $10 and i know essie is a brand i can count on.
      Sometimes OPI just makes me upset with all their price markups

  6. cdn20something says:

    Oh man, the same thing happened to my legs last week and I only clued in yesterday that it was my new *amazing* razor. Sigh. Itchy bumpy legs are indeed, not sexy lol.

    I’ve been looking for a good matte top coat too! Might give this a try. 🙂

  7. practicingpretty says:

    I love the luxe and lush with the matte top coat! I need to get my hand on matte about you, and I’m also looking for essies shine of the times because I thiiink I like it a bit more than luxe and lush, though both are pretty amazing! I have sensitive leg skin too and I read a post recently where the woman talked about her solution:
    I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like it would help matters, and definitely more convenient than waxing (ouch!) 🙂 Eve

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