Technically it’s Saturday!

I’ve been completely M.I.A lately I know, and I’m sorry! I’ve been extremely busy lately and it’s difficult to just sit and blog. Lately with the stress I’m under blogging to you guys has helped me so much. My blogging time is my alone time and my time to express myself and a good outlet even though I’m not sharing my problems, idk if u get me but w/e.

Anywho today I’m going to share the manicure I’ve had for the last 3 days! Yes a Mani that has lasted 3 days going on 4 can u believe it! It’s a new record for me usually after one day I get tired of a color or minor chipping will annoy me n voila polish change.

I used wet and wilds “undercover” this is a color my mom brought home last week. I love when she does that and brings home new polish that she finds. It’s great cuz usually she’ll pick a color I normally wouldn’t and it give my collection more diversity which I enjoy :). I wanted to use my dotting tool so bad so I added some dots on the ring finger in both hands to keep it simple and not too crazy.



Recently one of my nails broke so I had to trim them all so that they look even. It also gives them a chance to strengthen again. I don know about you guys but after so many polish changes my nails begin to feel weaker n break easier. Here r some more pics I took the day after I painted them.



In conclusion, I need more colors from wet and wild!! The brush was incredible I didn’t need to clean outside the nail cuz I don’t know why but the way the brush is you don’t dirty yourself outside your nail. This has to be one of the few times I’ve ever had that happened but this time it was thanks to the brush I wasn’t even being careful also the formula is nice and thick so after one coat u get good coverage, however I’m a little anal about my polish and I used two coats 🙂

As for icy, I have no updates yet were going to call them Sunday and see what’s up and I’ll let you guys know!!

Goodnight/good morning/good afternoon (choose according to your time zone)



2 Responses to “Technically it’s Saturday!”
  1. everysensory says:

    Nice nails – not OTT, but very pretty – esp with the dots. Good luck for Icy, fingers and toes crossed! Glad that blogging is helping you – I know it helps me, so yep I understand that! 🙂

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