My “it girl” intro box was in the mailbox the whole time!

Ok so I just posted about how I didn’t like my julep mystery boxes.

Well I just went to the mailbox and my intro box was waiting for me!








I was really excited for Helena I’m all about berries!!! I was too sure if I would like Leah ( the green) but it’s pretty for a green. And Melissa is cool but I’m more of a glitter girl.

Lmao as soon as I saw Melissa I called over my sister Melissa and she said she was going to paint her toes with this color..lmao

I really want to get the polish named Megan!

Anywho for a penny I am happy! I like these colors so much more than my mystery boxes. But I think I’m going to skip next month I’m not really into the colors I was hoping for more brights.

Well so far I’m not going to give julep the boot.

Lmao. Oh I really need to stop buying polish!


13 Responses to “My “it girl” intro box was in the mailbox the whole time!”
  1. everysensory says:

    Glad you are happier with these! I quite like some of the other colours, but I do like greens, and olive/khaki greens – they suit my skin tone (which happens to be green hehehe no, not really). I hope you grow to like them more, or get some really good use out of them all! 🙂

    • megis217 says:

      I hope so if not they will be Xmas gifts! Hehe

      I don’t think I can wear the other colors I got . The mustard doesn’t look good on me, the two glitter greens I don’t like at all. The pale darkish purple looks died on me and the brighter purple is blah and the copper is too copper! Lmao
      So idk I have so may others that I love and haven’t even got to wear yet.

  2. sugarmitten says:

    I got the It Girl box too but the only color I got the same was Melissa. I didn’t realize that everyone got different colors.

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