You get what you pay for: Shit!

Its 3 am in the morning and it got kind of boring, said you’re coming to bed soon…

I’m posting super early, I couldn’t wait and its going to be a long day! I know I said I was going to post about this polish change


But its going to have to wait til Monday. Sorry!

I am really utterly PISSED!

Yesterday (friday) I went to the TJMAXX by my house to see if they had any nail polish because I was feeling really depressed because of things that are going on at the moment.  So my amazing boyfriend Miguel gave me money so that I could buy a little liquid happiness.


Ok so the top is COLOR ZONE and the bottom is SIMPLY SWEET. Brands that I have never heard of, but I said what the hey?! They came out to 10.70 total. And I tried finding reviews or swatches but I was already in line so I bought them.

Ok so I couldn’t try them on at the store because I had my nails painted. But after dinner and icecream I got home around 12:30 and my nails were chipped so I took off the polish. I decided to try on my new colors, one on each finger.

What crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

The color zone looks awesome in the bottle, neon pink and purple with glitter. Once on the nail they dry flat ( like flat black car paint) no shine (yuck, I like my nails to look wet) and the glitter was poking out. 

I’m not happy!

The simply sweet was awesome neon green, pink, purple and orange in the bottle.  I’m not really sure if I liked this brand. It bubbled once on my nail ( maybe because i just took off the other polish?) and didn’t really shine. I love the colors but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them. For 4.99 should I?

Ok remember Wednesday when I bought nail polish at Claire’s


I tried those on too. I did my polish change yesterday with the neon purple ( dries flat ) had to use lots of top coat to make it shine. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it. ( I will be posting that polish change on Wednesday )  the mini packs also dry flat and for 15 bucks for both I’m returning them next week.

The only polishes I’m keeping from my hauls this week are candy shop from Claire’s ( that one was up to par) and the duo O.P.I.

The color zone, simply sweet, both Claire’s mini packs and the neon purple from Claire’s have to go!

I’m really up set at myself for spending money and now having to go back and return everything.

I HATE returning ask Giselle!

But I have learned my lesson:

just because its cheap doesn’t mean its a good deal! I will no longer be purchasing polish at Ross or tjmaxx! Only if it’s O.P.I because I know that’s good polish.

And I need to watch out at Claire’s.

Another lesson: I’ll never go polish buying with painted nail again!

Sorry for the rant, but this just made my bad day worse.

Now hopefully I can fall asleep and dream something sweet.


This is what’s coming on Wednesday ! Even though I wasn’t happy with the flat neon purple I love how this polish change turned out, even though it only lasted 24 hours.

I’m going to let my nails rest a while, all the polishes changes have been really hard on them.

So they will be naked until my Julep box comes so I can swatch them!

Thanks for listening!

And have any of you tried these brands and had better luck than me?

Have you tried neon colors that didn’t dry flat and shined with no top coat?

– Megan

8 Responses to “You get what you pay for: Shit!”
  1. judit1661 says:

    That is a tough lesson to learn, but your title says it all! You get what you pay for, couldnt be more true, ESPECIALLY with polish. Hope you get your Julep box soon! Cant wait to see what you get. ❤

  2. everysensory says:

    Oh, thats hard, esp on a bad day! (hug) It happens to us all, and sometimes even with pricey polish. I’ve found some good polishes at the $2 shops here, and thats as cheap as it gets in NZ, but they do chip superfast. I did think neons do dry matte, but not many layers of top coat matte. Good luck with it all – the perfect polishes will be coming soon, I bet. 🙂

    • megis217 says:

      thank you!! I was thinking about getting the china glaze neons but if they are flat then forget it.

      anyways have an awesome Saturday! I’m on my way to tacobell. idk if you have one of those where you live but its fast food mexican. lmao I need a taco!

      oh btw you have alot of animals, one of my love birds, the female, is puffed up and making like a whining sound like she is trying to make a sound but she cant. but she is moving around the cage. and the male is yelling, they have eggs in the nest but i think they arent any good. im going to remove them today. is my female sick and going to die? im super worried!

      • everysensory says:

        Yum, tacos! Sunday here already – we get the day ahead (I predict it’ll be a good one for you hehehe if only it worked like that, right?)
        Oooh your poor bird! Are they sitting on the eggs? You can try and candle them to see if they are fertile (shine a torch through the egg – at night – you’ll see if there is a growing chick in there). It sounds like she is sick – or trying to lay an egg or eggbound – is there anywhere you could take her to seperate them, and give her some quiet if she needs it? Maybe Google search the symptoms? My chickens puff up and purr when they are broody – could that be it? Good luck!

      • megis217 says:

        the eggs are no good. i just thew them away and she started to “purr” really hard. i went and purchased them a new clean cuddle fur thing where they sleep and I put water in their pool ( thats where she had her eggs) and i got them a new toy and treat box. tomorrow im going to hose down the cage. ugh these arent even my birds! they are my sisters but i feel so bad for them that i had to take care of them :(, even the cats are hanging out with them to see whats wrong.. lol

  3. sugarmitten says:

    I bought a Color Zone set at Marshall’s before. It does dry matte but I like it. It dries super quick and with some top coat which I always use anyways it shines like nobody’s business. There was one color out of the 3 in my set that I didn’t like and that was because it was a weird glittery, watery neon. I have some neons that aren’t as matte as others but all the ones I have are some what matte.

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