Quick post about what’s to come over the weekend.


Hi everyone!

Well today has been a super crappy day! I had all my pictures ready of the polish change I did on Tuesday but today it freaking chipped all over the place. So I wasn’t going to post because I don’t really feel well but I’m always giving Giselle shit if she doesn’t post because she’s too busy. So I wanted to do a quick post of what I’m planing on writing about on Saturday.

My polish change was O.P.I Grape…set…match and then over that was Servin’ up sparkle with Seche vite as my top coat.

Idk but since I’ve been blogging its like my polishes don’t want to stay on my nails and its really upsetting me! Does anyone else have that problem? Even my freaking good polish chips 😦

Anyways yesterday I was really bad again! I told my self I wouldn’t buy any more polish but I did!

So take a look at my lacquer page!

After our weekly lunch ( we went to Friday’s ) , we went to the Disney store and then to Claire’s!  I got 2 mini packs of polish and two full size bottles, they were BOGO 50%. So f$#&! I bought! I have no will power! Then we went to Sally’s and I got a seche vite top and base coat ( BOGO FREE ) , then we walked to TJMAXX and I found 2 bottles of O.P.I for 7.99!! Ugh at GBS BEAUTY the same 2 pack was 15 bucks. So I think I got a good deal. And I don’t feel that bad about buying! I didn’t use credit, I used cash so I could only spend what I had on hand.


Well Im planing on not leaving my house til next week so I don’t spend any more on polish. Lmao!!!!!

And I got my shipping note from Julep and my boxes are coming by the 22nd!!! Wtf!

When are your boxes coming ladies???

I can’t wait its killing me!

See you guys on Saturday!

Happy painting!!!!!

– Megan, Pepe and Bob



8 Responses to “Quick post about what’s to come over the weekend.”
  1. everysensory says:

    Wow, what a haul! Awesome :D. Love the cat photos too. You’re going to be one busy painting person. And yes, I’ve found my polish chips REALLY fast now – maybe because I look more often. Not sure!

    • megis217 says:

      Yes! Yesterday I couldn’t stop looking at the glitter! ! It’s so pretty!

      Before blogging I.could go a week with no chips. Now my manis last a day if i’m lucky!

  2. avezia says:

    Lucky haul! I wish i could find opi serena glam slam at that price here in my country 😦
    Great blog btw 🙂

    • megis217 says:

      Have u tried eBay? I got grape set match and servin’ up sparkle for 12 bucks with free shipping on eBay.

      I know that’s more than the two I got at tjmaxx but I haven’t been able to find grape set match anywhere else.

      • avezia says:

        I did! But with the shipping cost to Indonesia, i guess i’d rather saving up my money and buy the opi here, hahaha.

  3. Amanda (Mae) says:

    Mine says the 21st!! CANNOT wait!! 🙂

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