Death came to me in a bottle of O.P.I Minnie Mouse nail polish!


Ok! It seems that I find things out on days that it’s not my turn to post! Yesterday I was on facebook and I came across this picture:

I almost crapped my pants! Could this be real? Where can I find them!? I was so happy! Finally My love of Disney would be captured in a bottle of nail polish AGAIN! When the Muppet’s collection first came out I couldn’t believe it, best O.P.I collection ever! I have half the collection and Giselle has the other! ❤

This is all the info I could find out the O.P.I Minnie Mouse collection and I could only find these four pictures:

If you Moust you Moust  You gotta pink what you gotta pink x

The Colour of Minnie You had this little mouse at “red”

I’m ALL Ears  Tell me how much you love this magnets shimmer.

Nothin’ Mousie About It Don’t squeak it- SHOUT IT!  This confetti light pink is tops!

These pictures suck, but you get the idea! I really hope there is more to this collection! It comes out in June! So happy Birthday to Megan!!( My birthday is in July)

This is a picture if my Minnie Mouse inspired nails.
My first attempt at poke-a-dots, and that stupid bow. (: That I took earlier this year.

Well that is all from me today! See you thursday! and I hope to have my nails painted by then! 😡



17 Responses to “Death came to me in a bottle of O.P.I Minnie Mouse nail polish!”
  1. safclyndz says:

    Amazing! I NEED these!

  2. normandlou says:

    That confetti is so pretty!!!

  3. k Elizabeth says:

    You did awesomely, even with the “stupid bow” ahahah Good job! 😀

  4. Does the I’m ALL Ears one say that its a magnetic?

    Or am I just in magnetic polish mode and I’m just projecting? haha!

  5. indigo45fly says:

    Great job on the dots, way better than my first attempt! Loving the minnie mouse theme.

  6. judit1661 says:

    Your polka dots are so cute. I can’t wait for the Minnie Mouse collection either. So far I want every one I’ve seen!

  7. Luv our blog, its the bomb looks like you put a lot of work into it.

  8. Kaitlin says:

    Heart shaped glitter! Well that’s kick-you-in-the-balls awesome.

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