TGIM….. wait thats not right…..

Hello my lovely polish lovers =)

According to the academic calendar it’s officially SPRING BREAK! However I still had tons of homework which I was able to finish today so now I can enjoy the rest of my week. Whoop whoop!

So that Green polish didn’t even last 12 hours on my nails! I really tried but I just couldn’t green just isn’t for me! LOL! I’m currently working on an excel spreadsheet with all the polishes I own and I will upload it to Giselle’s Lacquer as soon as its finished. I hate that I have that page blank! Its been bothering me but I just haven’t had the time.

So for todays polish change I went with a color that as soon as it arrived to the store I bought it! The display wasn’t even up yet I took it straight out of the box and bought it! Something about this color just spoke to me! And I HAD to have it! The color is from Sally Hanson’s Complete Salon manicure and it’s called “all fired up” its such a great color it has like a reddish orangey tone and its very bright with I love!

Lately I’ve been into summery like colors maybe I just can’t wait till summer arrives =).

So after I had the polish on I decided I would give the glitter gradient thing a try! Unfortunately I don’t think it was a success the glitter polish I chose was way too chunky and maybe I should’ve picked another color. However the black and white picture of the glitter gradient I like a little better! Next time it’ll be better!!

Well off to work I must go now =(

Leave me lots of comments to come home to! =P



8 Responses to “TGIM….. wait thats not right…..”
  1. megis217 says:

    I’m leaving you a comment:

    Bad ass DOG!

    lmao where’s my ice cream!


  2. megis217 says:

    LMAO its so weird seeing us comment each other under the same username
    -giselle =P your ice cream after 9:00pm

  3. everysensory says:

    here’s another comment – but not from yourself to yourself this time! 😀 Nice orange – what a happy colour. Now enjoy your break! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    keep up the great work girls!

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