My St. Patrick’s day inspiration

**Drinking game for this blog post: Take a shot for every time you read the word GREEN =P**


Today I wasn’t planning on blogging so late, but my day was sooo long. Not long as in “oh I did so much” but I had a 9 hour shift at work and then after work I came home changed and went to the gym. So finally after the gym I decided to do my nails GREEN (which I’m not really into) for st. patty’s day =)

I started with a lime sheer GREEN from LA Colors it doesn’t have a name it just came in a pack with 6 other colors. This was actually a Birthday gift from Megan she got me 14 polishes all together 7 plain colors and 7 glitters! BEST GIFT EVER!! (I have to mention that Michael a good friend of ours also got me tons of polish for my b-day, between them two my collection got a huge boost, the colors he got me I will display soon).

I only applied two coats of the LA color. I didn’t want the design to look too thick and i also wanted it to dry relatively fast. I think the color is nice for a GREEN, LOL sorry i don’t sound so thrilled it’s just, like I said not a fan of GREEN!. Any-who… for the slant tip I used Sinful colors “San Fransisco” this is the GREEN I bought last year for st patrick’s day so people at work wouldn’t pinch me since our uniform has zero GREEN. Its pretty and shiny which makes it wearable for a GREEN. LOL

Overall I like the design it came out much nicer than I was expecting. I think the design helps me feel good about sporting this GREEN polish. and most importantly no one can pinch me now for st. Patrick’s day =P

Let me know what you think! and send me any ST. Patrick day nails u may be sporting u can link it in the comment or email us at =)


oh yea…..GREEN!


13 Responses to “My St. Patrick’s day inspiration”
  1. Love it. Can’t wait to do my St. Patrick’s Day themed nails! 🙂

  2. everysensory says:

    Thish ish a reallly loovely posst. Pittyy I’m noww so drungk I am type-slurring. Thanksh!

  3. How do you get the lines so perfect??!

  4. Do you use a top coat too? Sometimes I feel like my nail polish comes off quicker when I put a top coat on..

  5. Love it!!! The colors and design are great! Can’t wait to do nails for St. Patrick’s day 🙂

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