Yesterday I was very bad!

Hello everyone!

This is our 20th post! I wanted it to be awesome but…..

I’m sitting here in the dark, super sick with the flu. I wasn’t going to post today because I feel horrible  My eyes won’t stop crying and my nose won’t stop running, but I just had to share with you all. Last night around 3 am I couldn’t fall asleep and I was on Julep’s facebook page. For about a week or so I’ve been looking at reviews about Julep’s boxes. I’m really not sure if I wanted to do a monthly subscription for nail polish. I just canceled my gym membership after not going for 6 months. So when I saw everyone on the page saying that they just order their St. Patrick’s day mystery box, I clicked on the link and saw that you pay $19.99 for $60.00 to $200.00 worth of Julep’s best sellers. So I goggled about the Valentines mystery box and every blog that I found the blogger really liked it. And some lucky ladies got the Gold box and that was the box with the $200.00 worth of stuff.

So I bought 2 boxes, fml! It was the cold medicine that made me do it!

So go to julep’s facebook page to click the link or her website If you use the promo code GREEN the mystery box is just $19.99, if you don’t use the code it will be $60.00. There are only 2000 of these babies for sale so get yours while you still can!And the best thing about this is that they don’t subscribed you to the monthly shipments! If I like my mystery boxes then for sure I will become a Maven! What’s not to love about getting nail polish every month without leaving the house.

As soon as my boxes come I’ll post about them!

Have any of you ever ordered a mystery box? Or are any of you out there Mavens?



18 Responses to “Yesterday I was very bad!”
  1. Polish Me Up says:

    Thanks to you I was bad too >___< I ordered one as well 😀 can't wait to get it!

  2. Amanda (Mae) says:

    o m g I just did it too what is wrong with me… I think this is good though becasue If I am reading it right you are gauranteed atleast 60 – possibly even 200 bucks worth of product for 19.99 you cannot beat that. I think that once that one comes, the next window I am going to cancel Julep. I really liked my boxes but its just getting too expensive each month all these subscriptions.

    • megis217 says:

      Yea that’s the only reason that I ordered it this way was to try it out. $19.99 for $ 60.00 to $200.00 is better than $19.99 for the $40.00 monthly box.

      Anyways I’m glad I could help you ladies spend your money!

      I can’t wait for us to share our boxes!

  3. Missy Q. says:

    I wanted to order one yesterday, but I ended up being $5 short in my paypal account. >.< Poop.

  4. Oh man, now I feel like getting a 2nd one!

  5. oh gosh i’ve been shopping so much lately, I wish I had money left lol

  6. I got a 2nd box! LOL

  7. glamdox says:

    Oh I hope you post pictures of what you end up getting. I was so tempted by that box, but didn’t have the extra cash just now. Good luck, maybe you’ll get the biggest set!

    • megis217 says:

      As soon as it comes I’ll post about it even if it isn’t my day to post! I can’t wait! I’ve had a crappy week and this is what is getting me through it!

      Hopefully they will do a Easter mystery box!!

      🙂 thanks for reading!!

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