Everything that glitters is not gold


Today I was gonna swatch another Essie color but then I thought “ugh, its gonna take so long to dry” and I looked at my box again and saw this little number ;). The color is from the OPI Designer Series collection! I absolutely love every color they’ve made so far I think this is a collection that they will continue to add to especially cuz they sell for more money than the regular OPI polishes. I wish I can get them ALL but I can’t afford it and I haven’t been able to find a site that sells OPI cheaper than the retail price. Everything runs pretty much the same =(, So if you know any please share =)!!! please please please!

alright back to my swatch The color is called “DS bold” and its so pretty!!

The color is so shiny and looks so yummy when being applied. I don’t know why but it really does cause it has this jelly look and it just looks delish. I’m sure that girl on that weird addictions show who ate polishes would eat this one! lol


I added a base coat, to protect my nail from staining, two coats of the polish and a top coat. it dried pretty fast which is a huge concern for me! and it looks beautiful!!

alright guys! today I’m gonna look for st.patricks day polishes at my job to see if there’s anything worth sharing with you in the future. I’m not really into green polish but ill keep an open mind. LOL

Take care ❤



2 Responses to “Everything that glitters is not gold”
  1. laquerloon says:

    I really like the DS series too but don’t like the extra cost. I don’t like getting expensive glitters but this one is very pretty.

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