“Pero Mira Que Cute!”

hey fellow polish lovers =)

I have decided to swatch a color I’ve had for a long time. The color is called “cute as a button” by Essie. It’s from the summer 2010 collection and even though its 2 years old I still like this color a lot. I found this color when I used to go to the nail salon to do my nails and I realized that I had picked this color off the rack around 3 times for my mani-pedi. Since I liked this color so much I decided to just buy it at ULTA it was my first Essie bottle and one of my first polishes when I decided to just cut the cost of going to a nail salon and invest on my own collection and do it myself.


This color is so summer-y that now I want to go to the beach! =)

I applied only two coats and a Sally Hanson top coat I had laying around! this color for some reason dries quickly, unlike my other Essie polishes which take FOREVER!

Also, I’ve noticed with Essie (mostly the lighter colors) that after a week of wear it looks like a different color. it’s the weirdest thing and at first I thought I was crazy but I googled and saw that other people were noticing this too! kinda crazy huh?

One last thing I have left to say is that I’m so proud of my co-blogger and her beautiful custom polishes! she made one for me ❤ which hopefully I can get my hands on and swatch it for u guys!

well that’s all for today =)


– Giselle


6 Responses to ““Pero Mira Que Cute!””
  1. laquerloon says:

    I love the Spanglish title. lol That is a very cute and summery color.

  2. I love ittttt! Cute as a button indeed!

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