All most Tuesday, but not really. A swatch of my handmade lacquer!


Today has been a crap day for my blogging! I got up and my internet wasn’t working! I went to work, but I didn’t have time to blog there. I finally got home and the internet still wasn’t working! So that’s why I’m so late… I had to come over to my boyfriend’s house to blog my little glitter covered heart out while he showers. Well today was stupid crazy awesome for me today! After work I went to a beauty nail supply store. I purchased more glitter ( yesterday I purchased 54 jars of different colors and shaped glitter, crazy I know, empty nail polish bottles and some other cool things to play around with) and an Essie effects silver polish. Blah. I got home and since there was no internet I went crazy making custom made polishes. All from scratch and with no other brands lacquer. If you have been reading our blog you already know that I am crazy about making Franken nail lacquer and I’m so happy that I have finally made my own. I have already made 6 colors for my first collection. I haven’t had time to swatch them, but I will by next week, so please watch out for that. My awesome sister-to-be-in-law πŸ™‚ ( <—- their blog

did some cover art for my lacquer line and here it is:

That’s my cat Pepe, and the name of my handmade lacquer is called Pepe Couture: Lacquer! I almost died when I saw this! This is what my cat normal looks like:

He’s my baby, I’ve had him for almost 8 years and I bottle fed him. So naturally if I were ever to have a lacquer line, I would name it after him. So you all must be dieing to see my colors huh? Well sorry!! Next week everything will be up and running! I hope!!!

But I do have some swatches for you today. These are photos that Jennifer took and made of the handmade lacquer that I made for her last night:

This was my first attempt at my custom color called “Juicy Hernandez”, this color will be one of my handmade colors that will be in the first collection, but the “Juicy Hernandez” of the collection will be a different, since this one was made just for her.

“Juicy Hernandez” is a shimmering almost translucent orange base color with lots of different glitters. The glitter colors are green, pink, orange, purple and silver. The glitter shapes are squares and circles, big and small. I’m not really a big fan of orange polish but I am in love with “Juicy Hernandez”, and I hope you are too!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post! I know that I have enjoyed sharing my joy with all of you! And we are at 36 followers! yay! thanks for reading! You guys are awesome! And I follow every single one of you and I enjoy reading what you guys have to say!

Until next time lacquer lovers!




7 Responses to “All most Tuesday, but not really. A swatch of my handmade lacquer!”
  1. pearlessence says:

    Pepe is so cute! White paws and white patch πŸ™‚

  2. everysensory says:

    Adorable cat, awesome orange glitter polish – I am dying to see your frankens! I also have wicked glitter envy… 54 glitters! I want! πŸ˜€

    • megis217 says:

      Yay! Atleast one person wants to see..hehe! Yes today my room was and still is covered with glitter! My dad was pissed. He kept on coming in and telling me I was going to die from the smell of lacquer. He hates it when I paint in my room since there’s no ventilation, oh well I’ll die sparkly and covered in what I love!

      • everysensory says:

        I do! I do want to see! Hahaha I can understand that – my mother always made me paint my nails outside. I still do it, now, with the really stinky brands, but thats why I go for big 3 free ones, less guilt and more warmth. Go the sparkly colourful life (and hopefully not death hehehe)

      • megis217 says:

        I can’t smell it, but he does. Oh well i think that everyone should have lots of sparkle in their lives! It’s more fun that way! Why be plain when you can be fabulous! Lol πŸ™‚

        But seriously I went kinda crazy with the glitter jars yesterday and then again today! I can’t help myself sometimes ..

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you sister in law for the beautiful custom nail polish! Im loving the juicy orange’s fun personality πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see what other awesome laquer you’re going to create! And Pepe’s quite the sexy beast πŸ˜‰

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