Yeah thats right, Another purple polish <3

Hello fellow polish-lovers,

Today I have to study for my physics 2 midterm =( so I thought before I go into a world of electrical fields and forces I would share this pretty polish that my mom brought home the other day! She got 5 Rimmel London polishes for $2.00!!! Usually that’s not a brand I would go looking for so it was a nice unusual surprise and a chance to test them out!

I was amazed at how good this polish was! the brush is AWESOME. I love thick brushes like the ones Sally Hanson ones, it makes applying it so much quicker and easier. I remember at first I was a little skeptical about it but once I got used to it, its sooo much better! and the color is very thick so I didn’t need the 3 coats I applied honestly one coat would’ve been enough so it’s a great polish for when you want to do a quick polish change and go, and it dried very quickly!!

This color is called “Wild Orchid”

At first I didn’t like it with my skin tone, but after having it on for 2 days I’ve grown to love it! maybe I just didn’t like how it looked with my ugly blue scrubs!

I want to note that I didn’t use a top coat the color alone has a lot of shine! plus I’m kind of on a strike of using any top coat until I get my hands on the same top coat Megan is using! that stuff its amazing and I hate myself for not buying it when I had the chance!

Alright Girlies, I need to get going to start studying =(

Just one more week until spring break, where we have a HUGE surprise for all of you so make sure you are following us so you don’t miss it!!! it’s going to be FABULOUS! at least we think so!! =)



6 Responses to “Yeah thats right, Another purple polish <3”
  1. laquerloon says:

    We must be on the same wavelength because I am also sporting purple today. It’s my favorite color. I like the formula on those Rimmel polishes and it’s a very flattering color.

  2. Hey ladies thanks for following my blog! 🙂 I’m glad you got a good result with the Rimmel polish, I’ve tried them here in Australia and the ones we have here from them are absolute rubbish! 😦

  3. normandlou says:

    I really like the Rimmel Lasting Pro too! I’ve had a lot of luck with all of the ones I’ve purchased. Very high quality for a lower priced polish.

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