“This time won’t you SAVE ME”

Hey guys!!

Sorry it’s been so long, it’s just between midterms and work the blog kinda had to take the back seat for a while. Luckily I have a fabulous co-blogger who has pimped out this page and blogs when I can’t =) Love her!

So today’s swatch is from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection the color is called “Save Me”

The collection actually had some amazing colors and I wish I would’ve been able to buy more and display them all!! I’m actually bidding on “fly” right now on ebay! I’ll definitely post it on here if I win!

Now, my first couple of pictures are actually from the day it arrived in the mail =) I opened it and just applied straight on top of the color I had on Essie’s”lilacism” (from my last post) I couldn’t wait to try it! plus I also thought you guys should see how it looked layered on something else.

The second set of photos are of just the polish on my bare nail, which I like A LOT! I don’t really think this glitter polish needs to have a base color because it does have two different types of glitters: one small fine silver glitter that layers itself nicely and almost acts as a base color and then the flakey colorful ones which I adore, its such an uncommon type of glitter for polish, I think it’s actually the first time I’ve ever see it!

Some pointers: make sure you clean the brush between nails because it tends to get chunky and then becomes messy to apply. Also a top coat is a must! not for shine because the glitter does a good job of providing lots of shine but the flakey long glitter does kind of stick out so in order to tame it and have a well put together look use the top coat! in my case I just used the plain OPI top coat that I got for FREE!! =P

alright guys, thanks for following it means so much to us to finally have some set of eyes on the blog besides our own! ❤ ❤ ❤ 



8 Responses to ““This time won’t you SAVE ME””
  1. everysensory says:

    Nice! It reminds me of a 1920’s fringed dancing dress – must be the bar glitter 😀 Thanks for the photos!

  2. laquerloon says:

    I really like this glitter. I layered it on top of a metallic silver polish and it looked awesome.

  3. akuaharris says:

    I just bought this color the other day, can’t wait to try it!

  4. Beth says:

    I bought this a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the right time to try it out! Looks great!

    • megis217 says:

      oh how can u wait so long? i barely waited a second to try it! lol!!

      • Beth says:

        I have been woking through Essie’s luxeffects line! Plus I took about 4 days off without polish to let my nails recover. Tonight I’m going to try something new that I’m pretty excited about… fingers crossed it works! Stay tuned…

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