Tue(sday) bad it’s not Wednesday!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquer lovers!

I finally finished swatching my China Glaze post! So please go check out Ahoy!.

From now on I will be swatching collections together, since its easier for the reader ( that’s what I like ) to see all of the colors (that I have) instead of looking for the individual colors all over the place.

Today I will be swatching a collection that love every single color! This collection is Nice Stems by O.P.I., I purchased this collection as a lot of eBay for around 6 dollars a bottle which is great since O.P.I is always around $8.50.


The colors within the collection are:

-Be a Dahlia won’t you? ( shimmer fuchsia )

-Play the peonies ( shimmer pale pink)

– Come to poppy ( shimmer coral)

-I lily love you ( clear pink with lots of foil glitter)

“Be a Dahlia won’t you?” is a cream fuchsia base with fuchsia glitter dust. Its super smooth and creamy, I only used two coats.

The first picture is just “Be a dahlia won’t you?”, The left side is with flash and the right side is without. The second picture is “Be a dahlia won’t you?” layered on top is “I lily love you” ( only one coat of “illy” ). The third picture is a better close up of  “baswy” with  “illy” ( two coats of “illy” ).

“Play the peonies” is a super pale pinkish white with matching glitter dust. This formula is also super smooth and creamy. I applied two coats.

The first picture is the polish alone. The second picture is “ptp” layered with “illy”( only one coat ).

“Come to poppy” is a coral with silver glitter dust. Super smooth, super creamy. I used two coats.

The first picture is the polish alone. The second picture is “ctp” layered with “illy”( only one coat ).

“I lilly love you” has a pink clear base with lots of foil glitter, every piece of foil is different which I think is pretty cool.   I used two coats over my naked nail, if you wanted to cover your nail it would take about 5 coats. I prefer it over “Be a Dahlia won’t you?”.

So there they are! Please check back for tomorrows post! And let us know what you think! Share your comments with us! What do you want to see from us? Let us know! 🙂



9 Responses to “Tue(sday) bad it’s not Wednesday!”
  1. sugarmitten says:

    When this collection came out I really wanted I Lily Love You but it was sold out everywhere I looked. I was out for a walk with a friend last week and we went past a random beauty supply store. I asked if she minded stopping for a minute. So stuck in behind some other random polishes on a rack was I Lily Love You! I was so excited since it came out nearly a year ago I hadn’t expected to find it in any stores! And that is why I love the thrill of the hunt! Ha!

    • megis217 says:

      Girl you should have looked on the internet! eBay is my best friend! I have found everything that I have wanted, and cheap too.. I have never paid more than 6 bucks for an O.P.I and I never will! also I’ve gotten most of my O.P.Is at the salon inside of JCPenney. And they always have deals like buy one get one half off and I would use coupons so once I left with 6 polishes for 16 bucks its amazing!

      • sugarmitten says:

        So far I haven’t bought any nail polish online. I buy nail art supplies online but not polishes. I just get too excited when I find them! I will eventually have to buy some online but so far I have gotten pretty lucky. Good to know about JCPenney though, I don’t have any very close to me but I should be able to check it out from time to time.

  2. everysensory says:

    Nice swatches! Thanks for these 🙂

  3. laquerloon says:

    This is a very pretty and feminine collection. My favorite is come to poppy.

  4. I wish my nails looked as nice as yours do! Question: how often do you paint your nails?

    • megis217 says:

      Thank you! I kinda didn’t want to post pictures of them because I bit them off a week ago but I have a long nail bed so they don’t look that short. Before we started the blog I would paint them once or twice a week. Now I paint them every other day. For this swatch I painted all four colors in one day but only on one hand. 🙂 now they are resting naked until Thursday.

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