This will be my last swatch of my custom colors…

Fun Sunday Everyone!


Well today I have already updated Thursday’s post about china glaze (so check it out). Since today is Fun Sunday I thought that I would finish posting all of my custom made polishes. I only have 3 left that I haven’t gotten around to swatching so here they are!

So here is my creation called “Glitter Sugar”, I layered it over China Glaze “Below Deck” and “First Mate”.

For “Glitter Sugar” I used Sally Hansen smooth and perfect in  “Fog” which is a milky white translucent base and I added a lot of multi-colored circular glitter. This was my attempt at making a better version of  my white glitter polish (  I was hoping that I could use it on its own, but it was to translucent and by the time I was on my 3rd coat it was to thick and I didn’t like it. So I give it one more try and I layered It over ” Below Deck” and ” First Mate” to see the difference.

This is ” Below Deck” layered with my custom creation ” Glitter Sugar”


I like the way it came out. The Gray base was perfect for the milky white and you are able to see the glitter.

This is ” First Mate” layered with my custom creation ” Glitter Sugar”

I did not like this at all! It did not look good layered over blue.


Now these last two are my favorite! I made them over Christmas break, and I hope to have them in  my collection of custom polishes for sale within the next couple of weeks.

I tried to get as close as possible so that you would be able to see whats in this polish.  I had half a bottle of china glaze ” Seduce Me” which I need to buy a new bottle, because I love this color its amazing! I mixed that half bottle of seduce me with clear pink top coat, which made it a jelly pink. I added a little bit of sliver glitter dust and a lot  multi-colored large and small hexagon glitter.


My final custom creation is also a pink jelly with glitter but its lighter and has much more glitter than my seduce me custom.



I made this one to wear to Disney World for my boyfriends 26th birthday. I made this polish by mixing a clear pink base, a hot pink shimmer, and a hot pink-orange shimmer. Then for the sparkle I used lots of pink glitter dust with lots of multi-color large and small circular and hexagon glitter. Its perfect! And I love it!



Well my darlings I hope you enjoyed my final 3!  And please keep reading, there is so much more to come! Don’t miss out!

And please TAKE MY POLL!!





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