Today feels like a day of awareness!

So like I said on my subject line, today feels like a day of awareness! My co-blogger Megan made you “aware” of her up and coming line of Frankenstein polishes and I will make you aware of one little bottle that completely changed my life and will hopefully change yours too!

Growing up I never had nails. I really didn’t. I always thought I would never be able to grow nails after so many years of abuse. My parents tried everything: that bitter stuff that eventually tasted great to me, they told me horror stories of things that would happen if I didn’t stop (joke’s is on them cuz nothing ever happened =P), my grandmother even tried embarrassing me in front of other people but I just didn’t care. Luckily to everyone’s surprise, including my own, I decided I would let them grow! It was a decision I came to on my own and it was a tough one just like giving up cigarettes just without the nasty gum. At first it felt impossible and I would bite them here and there, hate myself for it and start again, which for anyone trying to do anything knows how shitty it feels when you give in after all the time already put in. Finally I was introduced to this product I was told came from Colombia and at the time was super exclusive and kinda hard to get so I actually fished out over 30 bucks for it I still don’t know if I was ripped off or not but it was well worth it! Within days my nail were growing FAST! And strong too!! I couldn’t believe it! Eventually my little tic-tac looking nails were beginning to look like actual “big girl” nails!

Ok so enough story telling right? Where is this stuff?

Well I don’t actually know the name of this miracle worker because the bottle just says “esmalte endurecedor para uñas”, yes that’s Spanish don’t panic I will translate! “polish to harden nails” but there is no label or anything of that sort. So who makes it? – “Who cares!” ’cause luckily now it’s not that hard to find. Walgreens is actually distributing it for about $7-10 depending what type of neighborhood you live by (no joke, location does change prices).

on a negative note:

I want to add is that this product does contain formaldehyde, so depending on how you feel about that, you decide whether to grab a bottle or not. Also, on several occasion when my nail is tender I’ve experienced some pain when putting it on, nothing that lasts forever, nothing that feels like death, just slight pain (which I think the results make the pain well worth it).

Finally I hope I’ve touched at least one other life with this post! Without this stuff I would’ve never gained an interest in what now has become a big part of my life which is nail art and nail color. Every girl can agree nothing boosts your ego up as quickly as a mani-pedi. 🙂

Bye guys!


p.s: big things heading our way at least we hope! so stay tuned and at least look at our pictures if your too lazy to read! o_O


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