It’s still polish change THURSDAY!

I’ve been doing Homework all day and I needed a little break to relax my mind before I started to write my paper. What a better way to relax than to change my polish. I wasn’t to happy with the color change I did last night so I thought that I would swatch a color from my collection. I chose a red, because I didn’t want to have to deal with taking off glitter later.

For about a week I have had my eye on a collection called Knotty Nauticals by China Glaze. I was planing on ordering a 6 pack that included Life Preserver, Hey Sailor, Ahoy!, First Mate, Starboard and Lighthouse later on when I could afford it without crying.  Low and behold as I was looking for a plain color and I reached for one of my China Glazes and turned it over to read the name. Guess what? I had in my hand “Hey Sailor”! and after looking at some of the other polishes it turns out that I have ” Hey Sailor”, “Ahoy!”, “First mate”, and “below deck”. I purchased these polishes in the summer at Ulta when they where one sale. Lucky Me!

                                      Hey Sailor, Below Deck, Ahoy! and First Mate

I painted my nails with Hey sailor, and next time I will be swatching Below Deck. I love this red, it kind of a orangie-red.


Update for 2/26/2012!

“Hey Sailor” was a nightmare to remove! I know that reds ALWAYS make a mess when its time to do a polish change, but holy Gebus! It took so much nail polish remover that now tomorrow I’m going to have to go buy more! And after all that, it still left some paint around my cuticle. I’m not happy at all, I love the color just not the removal.

Well I finally had some free time after dinner to update this post with my swatches of  “Below Deck” and “First Mate”.

First Mate is a cream dark pale blue. The formula is kind of thick for China Glaze, but I only had to use two coats. I could have just used one coat but I was painting with my left hand and I tend to paint messier with that hand so I had to go over my nails a second time to make sure that the polish laid smoothly. The clean up was really easy, which surprised me since this is a dark shade and the darker the shade the harder it is to clean up. This was not the case with this polish. I really like this color, and I can’t wait to wear it during the summer.

When I first saw “Below Deck” so many months ago, I fell in love. I don’t have another color that comes close to it. It’s a gray-purplish cream, its just like “First Mate”- its formula is thicker than most China Glazes. I only had to use one coat and it covered my nails beautifully. Clean up was fast and easy! Wearing this color makes me feel older, I’m not sure why.

Please stay tuned for “Ahoy!” I will be posting that as soon as I get my hands on some nail polish remover!





Yay! Finally my last swatch! So here is “Ahoy!”,

“Aloy!” is a jelly fuchsia with matching glitter dust. I really love this color, its an awesome pink!  Its formula is very thin, so you do have to apply at least 3 coats.





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