Polish change THURSDAY!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I can’t seem to fall sleep, so I thought I would mix up a new Frankenstein polish and show it off. I’ve been looking at the Deborah Lippmann website and its like being a kid in a candy store. I love her glitter nail polishes, but I can do without the 18-20 dollar price tag. I have been looking around trying to find dupes from different brands but to no avail. I found this one polish that was almost a dupe for “Glitter in the air” called “Sweets to the Sweet” by Lynnderella, but instead of a creamy light blue base “STTS” has a white base. BUT “Sweets to the Sweet” has a $15 price tag and was SOLD OUT! Again I still wouldn’t pay $15 for a polish I can mix at home.

Earlier today ( Wednesday early evening) I went to Target to purchase some things for the house. I couldn’t help but to pass by the make-up section and see what nail polishes they had. I didn’t see anything that I had to have and I told my self that I wouldn’t spend anymore money on nail polish until I swatched all of the colors I have already. So I held back and I only purchase a clear top coat for 99 cents.

So this is my version of  “Glitter in the air” + “Sweets to the Sweet”:

For this I used a clear top coat with Milani jewel FX in “GEMS” , SinFulColors in “Snow me white” and O.P.I in ” Servin’ up sparkle”.

I love Milani jewel FX in “GEMS”, it mixes awesome with whatever other polishes that I use. I like to use it to mix in with polishes instead of using it as a top coat or alone because it has an ugly clear green base.

I want to throw away my bottle of  SinFulColors in “Snow me white”. It’s horrible and I wish I would have used a different white for this mix! oh well next time. Its thick and nasty to apply and it dries funny.

I love O.P.I in ” Servin’ up sparkle”. I used it last week for a top coat over a creamy pink and it was awesome! So I had to mix in a little of this!

Sorry that the photo is upside down! I’m not really sure how I feel about this mix, I love it in the bottle but the SinFulColors in “Snow me white” (even though I only put a little bit) made it hard to apply and to clean.  Well there’s always next time!

Let me know what you think!

Until next time!


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