my first attempt at glitter gradient turned into just a polish change…


Well a few days ago Megan and I went to Joann fabric to buy glitter to apply to the nails to try to do some nice glitter gradient designs, gradient is just a fancy way of saying “fading” so basically u go from a dark to light using one color or from one color to a different one. Anyways so this sunday I decided to whip out the glitter and give it a go, and it was a disaster! I thought it would be much easier but unfortunately I don’t own the right tools to get the glitter on smooth and also when I applied the top coat it was still wet and it moved everything so it didn’t look bad just like a bunch of glitter all over but it definitely wasn’t fading. So I finally gave up and decided to go for something else and went to Walgreens.

At walgreens, because of my lack of self-control when it comes to polish I bought 4 new colors! 3 Essie and 1 Sinful color.

At first I wanted to go for nice calm regular french, but I kept looking over at the sinful polish and i just couldn’t resist!

so finally this is what i ended up with!

It’s both the same color just in different lighting because i wanted to show how different it looks depending where you are!

i used

Essie – marshmallow

Sinful – Nail junkie

i had to use marshmallow as a base because the nail junkie has a clear blue color and its very thick so it’s not a glitter polish you want to be applying to many coats off because it’ll get too chunky and never dry! this one as is took hours to get it to completely dry and I never even added a top coat. On a positive note, once the color did dry it got very hard and it has been protecting my nail from breaking which I love because work is always breaking my nails!

Anyways this sunday coming if I have time I will try the nail gradient thing again, if not I have a new sally design that I wanna show off! =P



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