I’m Megan, and this is my Frankenstein baby!

Hi to all of our fellow nail polish lovers!

You all have already met my fellow blogger Giselle!

It’s taken me a while to post anything because I really didn’t know how to get started…

Giselle came over tonight and after ordering pizza, I am now ready for my DEBUT!

I thought that my first post should be about my 3rd attempt and creating a ” Frankenstein”  polish. I took a little of this and a little of that and what I created wasn’t a MONSTER, but a Beauty!

I use half a bottle of OPI top coat to start ,

for the glitter I used:

(A lot of) 

Milani jewels FX in “gems”
(That is a multi colored glitter of different sizes. Note that the base is not clear, but a clear green, however it doesn’t effect the color in anyway. This polish is also a dupe for DL’s ” Happy Birthday” and also for OPI’s ” Rainbow Connection” from the Muppets collection)

( a little of )

OPI in “servin up sparkle”
(That is a clear base with fine sliver glitter that shimmers different colors in the light with a little bit of a larger sized sliver glitter)

( a little less then ^)

OPI in “teenage dream”
(That is a pink base with lots of different sized pink and sliver glitters)

Then for the base I just used a little bit of a dark purple polish.

For me, when I find a  “Frankenstein ” polish that I fell in love with and the blogger doesn’t tell you how they made it, it just upsets me!! So that is why I’m sharing my recipe with you!



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